Sep 012014
Shop For FREE After 40% Off Twice Sale + $10 Bonus

Yahoo! It’s another great day for shopping. Have you tried out Twice yet?  Today is a great day to try out Twice, because today Twice is having a40 percent of Labor Day Sale + you still get the FREE sign up bonus, which can be used toward shipping. This means that you can shop for [...]

Aug 312014
Publix Holiday Hours Labor Day

It’s time for an update on the Publix Holiday Hours for Labor Day: Every year at this time, we get questions about whether or not Publix is open on Labor Day. Publix is always open on Labor Day, and there are usually some great Publix Labor Day deals available. So, if you are having a [...]

Aug 302014
My FREE $10 JCPenney Coupon Deals - Saved $70!

Did you see the post I wrote yesterday about the $10 JCPenney coupon in my inbox. Well, this morning I took the kids to the soccer field to practice soccer, as our oldest son has a difficult soccer tryout this week. The mall is right next to the park, which is why I choose that [...]

Aug 302014
ALDI Holiday Hours Labor Day

Are you hosting a Labor day party? We are not, but we have a couple of birthdays coming up (mine included), and so we will be shopping at ALDI for our birthday celebrations. ALDI has all the party foods and goods at rock-bottom prices, and you do not even have to use coupons. If you [...]

Aug 292014
$10 off $10 JCPenney Coupon Alert - Check your Inbox!

  Wow! JCPenney lovers check your email! I found a $10 off $10 JCPenney coupon carefully hidden between my regular morning emails. A $10 off $10 JCP coupon surely means that I will be going shopping soon… If you have signed up for JCPenney emails or shopped online at JCPenney make sure to check your [...]

Aug 282014
Friday Giveaway Linky August 29

It’s a little late – but better than never. We just got home from an open house in middle school, and then it was homework with the big kids and….well the list goes on… Are you winning any giveaways? We won our first price in a long while this week – a beautiful dress for [...]

Aug 272014
40 Percent Off Sale and Gymboree Coupon Deals - $221 Worth of Clothes & Shoes For $33!

I received an email letting me know that Gymboree was having 40 percent off everything in store (and online), and even though it was not possible to get to my favorite Gymboree store, I made it to the closest one this morning. The deals were not good, they were great! Of course, I only looked [...]

Aug 272014
ALDI Meat Coupon + Labor Day Deals

We were in dire need of an ALDI visit, because we were out of Bellamy Blue’s lactose free milk, and we also needed some more produce. Chicken breast is on sale this week, and as an extra bonus there was a $4 ALDI meat coupon on the packages. Our ALDI Deals: Seedless Watermelon $2.69 3.74 [...]