Sep 152014
Target Summer Clearance Deals - Saved $24!

I made a quick stop at Target today hoping to find better Target back-t0-school clearance, but as I had suspected the back-to-school clearance had pretty much been cleared away. This is why I made sure to pick up some of the school supply clearance deals last week, because  Target is always quick to clear away [...]

Sep 152014
ALDI Chicken Deals

We were out of fruit, and in our family being out of fruit is not a good thing, so an ALDI visit was needed. I also wanted to pick up some chicken for chicken soup, as the boys have been requesting chicken soup with dumplings.   Our ALDI Deals: 2 x Lactose Free milk at [...]

Sep 142014
Family Fun at The Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Kids Love & Family Expo at the Museum of Discovery & Science

Yesterday the Frugality Is Free family ventured out for some family fun at The Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Kids Love & Family Expo at the Museum of Discovery & Science, and we had a great day with lots of adventure, activities and fun for curious minds. Our kids love the Museum of Discovery of Science [...]

Sep 112014
Friday Giveaway Linky September

Oh my it’s been busy in the FIF family, the kids are back in school with lots of homework and long days. We’ve won a couple of giveaways, and I’m hoping to win some bonus Christmas gifts for the kids. Have you started winning gifts?   Check out all of the great giveaways listed right [...]

Sep 112014
Free Greeting Cards at Target

This morning Bellamy Blue and I started out with toddler hour at the library, then we headed out for a little walk, where we ended up at Target and Publix. I was hoping to find better Target back-to-school clearance, but it had not moved from our last visit a few days ago.  I did pick [...]

Sep 102014
Free Soda at Publix - Saved $30

I know it is last minute, but I wanted to make sure to Publix trip from Tuesday. Yesterday was our oldest son’s birthday, so I picked up some extra goodies including free soda. Our Internet was down all morning, and so I am just getting on this afternoon after homework has been done with the [...]

Sep 092014
Scotties Kitten Mascot & $25 Target Giveaway

We go through a lot of Scotties Facial Tissue here in the Frugality Is Free family, because between constant runny noses and all-year allergies we need to have plenty of facial tissue on hand, and only the best will do. Thankfully Scotties lets us use as much facial tissue as we need to with a [...]

Sep 072014
The Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Here in the Frugality Is Free family, we  are busy preparing for the launch of the Holiday Gift Guide 2014. Our goal is to help our readers with their holiday shopping by bringing some wonderful gift ideas, gift inspiration, reviews and giveaways for everyone in the family. This is the sixth annual holiday gift guide at Frugality Is [...]