If you have a action-loving kid in your family, make sure to check out the new release of TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS: Dinobots! It is now out on DVD, and the Dinobots are bringing big fun back to Griffin Rock. Our six-year-old Emory is especially excited about seeing Optimus Prime partake in the action, and Optimus Prime is in good company with Chase, Heatwave, Blades and Boulder.… Read more

InstaGC Review – Earn Gift Cards Online – Another Website Like Swagbucks

Here in the Frugality Is Free family our gift budget is basically non-existent, and with four kids I have learned that creativity goes a long way. One way that I am able to find great gifts for all of our four kids as well as nieces and nephews is by earning gift cards online. … Read more

Share Your Friday Finals at the Weekly Savings Linky

Weekly Savings Linky

Shopping this week was done with the storm in mind, and even though we were already pretty well stocked for hurricane season, we did purchase extra water and kept a potential power outage in mind. The storm cone seems to be very uncertain, but I figure it’s better to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.… Read more

Earn $10 JCPenney Gift Cards with Recyclebank = Shop For Free!

We are big on recycling in the Frugality Is free family, and we love the Recyclebank program. They reward us points for our curbside recycling every week and gives us extra points for learning about recycling. This means that every two months or so we can redeem for a $10 JCPenney gift card, plus we get lots of $3/$30 Publix coupons too.… Read more

$10 Off $30 Carters Coupon + 25% Off Clearance!

It takes a fantastic coupon or sale to get me into a kids clothing store, and this weekend Carter’s has the right sale. With 25 percent off Carter’s clearance and a $10 off $30 Carter’s coupon (including clearance), I decided to stop by our local Carter’s store, since it is right next to our Publix.  A Carter’s coupon that includes clearance is extremely rare, but I was thrilled at the prices I found today.… Read more

Publix Pizza Night Deals – We Saved $31!







So, the storm is coming or maybe its not. We’re stocked up and ready if it is, and this morning Bellamy Blue and I went to do a little coupon shopping. We already have plenty of juice from the V8 Sale in last week’s ad, but when the price is right we buy juice, and when it’s not we don’t buy.… Read more

Share Your Contests at the Friday Giveaway Linky

Welcome to the Fantastic Friday Giveaway Linky. If you are here for the first time, I want to welcome you to the Fantastic Friday Giveaway Linky, where you can find the blog contests you like, and make sure to enter your own blog giveaways as well.

If you are a blogger or contest host, the list is updated every Friday, but you only have to enter your giveaway once.… Read more

Publix V8 Splash Last Minute Deals – Saved $25!

v8 splash coupon Publix

With Publix limiting BOGO deals to 4 deals per person, we went back for a second trip today. So far Erika is headed straight for us, so I am limiting any frozen food in case we have to deal with power outages. We are already pretty well-stocked for hurricane season with canned goods, long-lasting milk and plenty of water on hand, so I am not panicking.… Read more

Wordless Wednesday – Shark At The Beach

I was looking through the vacation photos, when I spotted this one. What do you think is lurking behind that splash?
 Shark St Augustine
It was early morning, the kids were swimming and there were fish everywhere. Then people started gathered looking out at the fish. What did they see? A dolphin? A manatee? Or a shark? Yes, it was a shark! We only saw it a handful times, when it it was splashing to catch a fish, but it was big.… Read more