Jun 242016
Share Friday Finals at the Weekly Savings Linky - We Saved $152!

It  has been an extremely stressful week, and I barely got any shopping done. This meant I went over budget too, and most of our groceries were purchased at ALDI. I even splurged on a Publix meal just so I wouldn’t have to cook, and I can barely keep up with the boys and the fridge. Thankfully our mango tree is bearing plenty fruit, and together with the great prices at ALDI, our kids have lots of plenty of snacks and fruit to choose from.… Read more

Jun 242016
Publix Family Meal Coupon - Saved $17!

It has been an insanely stressful week for us here in the Frugality Is Free family, and so I decided to splurge a little and pick up a Publix meal for the guys, so that I did not have to cook meat tonight. The kids like it, when I roast the chicken, but as a vegetarian I’ll admit that I detest having to deal with the insides of a whole chicken, plus it takes a long time to prepare and cook it.… Read more

Jun 242016
25% Off Gymboree Coupon + FREE Shipping - Shoes, Dresses, Rash Guards $5.99 & More

We love shopping at Gymboree, and today Gymboree is having an amazing sale online. Everything is $12.99 and under, and with great clearance prices, free shipping with no minimum, plus I have a 25 percent off Gymboree Coupon to share with you too. Take a look at some of the deals we found below, you can find dresses, button-down shirts, shoes, swim shorts, rash guards and more for $5.99.… Read more

Jun 232016
Enter To Win at the Blog Giveaway Linky

With all the kids home there’s mpt much time to enter giveaways, and there are so many great giveaways to enter. The Friday Giveaway Linky is ongoing, so you can add your giveaways any time, just make sure to enter the end date, because expired giveaways get deleted every Thursday.… Read more

Jun 202016
Shop Back To School with 50% Off at Schoola + Free Shipping & Get $20!

I am excited about the new sale at Schoola, because Schoola is the most affordable place to shop back-to-school for the kids. At 50 percent off already low prices, you can find great brands at for as low as $2 each. Our kids wear a mix of second-hand clothes and new clothes bought on clearance with coupons, and that’s how all four have great ready-for school wardrobes despite our minimal clothing budget.… Read more

Jun 172016
Share Your Deals at the Weekly Savings Linky

Weekly Savings Linky Friday finals

With the kids out for the summer, grocery shopping has to be done quickly, and the cart is usually filled.  Thankfully our mango tree is giving us plenty of delicious mangoes, and it goes a long way in providing healthy meals, because besides eating mangoes just off the tree we also add mango to salads, baked goods and more.

How did you do this week?… Read more

Jun 172016
Publix Money Maker - Free Vlassic & More

We did not need much at Publix this week, so we just went to pick up a few of the deals. Our middle son has been requesting dill pickles for a while, so this week I handed him the Vlassic coupons, and he went in with me to buy two jars of Vlassic dill pickles for free, it sure doesn’t get better than that.… Read more

Jun 162016
$10 JCPenney Coupon Father's Day - Saved $41!

This week I had all the kids with me to the mall – all four of them from age 13 to 3 – and boy was it a different shopping experience than just shopping with my little shopping expert. I had received a $10 off $10 JCPenney coupon in the mall, and I was not going to let it waste. In fact, I saw it as the perfect opportunity for the kids to buy a Father’s Day gift for their dad.… Read more

Jun 152016
ALDI Chicken Sale & $1.19 Cereal

The kids had gone through all four boxes of cereal from last week’s ALDI trip, so it was time for another ALDI visit. With four kids in the house we go through almost 2 1/2 gallon of milk a week, but thankfully ALDI has a great price on milk and eggs too.… Read more