Nov 212014
Friday Giveaway Linky November 21 - Share Your Blog Contests

The giveaways are plenty in the blogosphere, and there are lots of great giveaways and blog contests listed here at the Friday Giveaway Linky, so make sure to browse through the list and see which ones, you’d like to win. Don’t forget that you can always find the list of the latest giveaways in the […]

Nov 192014
ALDI Thanksgiving Deals 10 Lbs Potatoes $1.99

Are you cooking any holiday dishes with potatoes this coming week, we sure are, and so we doubled up on ALDI’s $10 lbs potatoes for $1.99 deal. Normally this would be unheard off, as the potatoes go bad quickly here in South Florida. However, today we have a wind so chilly that it feels like […]

Nov 132014
Friday Giveaway Linky November 14

Oh my Christmas is coming closer by the second, and  I am so thankful that  I do not have to worry about getting Christmas gifts for everyone at this point. Gifts to our relatives have been sent off already, and the kids are more or less done as well. We still hope to add some […]

Nov 132014
90 percent off CVS Halloween clearance

  This morning I had to pick up some asthma medication for the kids, and I spotted 90 percent off CVS Halloween clearance at our local South Florida store. The CVS Halloween clearance was spread out over three different areas in the store, so you might want to check the entire store for it.   […]