Our Friday Finals – Saved $150!

We are in the middle of a big move, so we did not do a whole lot of shopping this week. On top of that we also had a birthday to celebrate and so it is just a little stressful.

We’ve been trying to empty our stock of food and only shop for the necessities. Thankfully our new town has an ALDI store, and that is going to be a huge help.… Read more

Check Out The Friday Giveaway Linky – Win Your Gifts

Today was our youngest son’s seventh birthday, and there were several giveaway wins among his gifts including a brand new Jansport backpack. Our oldest son’s birthday is coming up soon, and he too has several giveaway wins packed away in his gift box, and now I need to start getting ready for Christmas. Have you checked out the great giveaways we have going on here at Frugality Is Free?… Read more

How To Do Back To School Shopping For Free – Get Your Kids Those Crazy Name Brands For Free!

Do you have kids going to back to school in August? If so, I’m sure that back-to-school shopping is on your mind. We’ve got three boys going back to school, but this year they are all attending new school, and all the schools are uniform free. This is not cheap, and we’re moving into a much more affluent school district than we’re used to, so I’ve tried to take this into consideration as well.… Read more

Office Depot Penny School Supplies – Saved $107!

Even though we have two bins full of school supplies already, our three kids school supplies are huge, plus we go through a lot of supplies at home throughout the year. So this morning before going to the playground I made a trip to Office Depot, and then my husband made his own trip.

Now, if you want to take advantage at the great back to school sales, the sooner you go the better, as there are no rainchecks on these deals.… Read more

Enter Summer Blog Contests at the Friday Giveaway Linky

Have you checked out the great giveaways we have going on here at Frugality Is Free? We’ve been entering giveaways on the Friday  Giveaway Linky to, because it is the perfect time to start wining gifts for the holidays. The Friday Giveaway Linky is ongoing, so you can add your giveaways any time, just make sure to enter the end date, because expired giveaways get deleted every Thursday.… Read more