Publix Holiday Hours Thanksgiving

Have you finished all of your Thanksgiving shopping yet? If not, you better get going, because Publix is closed on Thanksgiving. You can always find the Publix Holiday hours here at Frugality Is Free. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of cooking your Thanksgiving dinner, Publix even has great solutions for you too.

Publix-Holiday-Hours-Thanksgiving 2015

Publix Holiday Hours Thanksgiving:… Read more

ALDI Holiday Hours Thanksgiving

ALDI logo

We get lots of questions about the ALDI holiday hours, so here’s our yearly ALDI Thanksgiving hours update. If you are planning an ALDI shopping trip, you’ve better get it done today, because ALDI is closed on Thanksgiving Thursday November 26th.

We got our ALDI Thanksgiving shopping done last week, and it was crazy busy in our store as well.… Read more

Treat Angel Monthly Luxury Gifts For Less – Review & Giveaway

Treat Angel Luxury Gifts


Moms are busy, and moms take care of everyone else, shop for everyone else and pamper everyone else. Treat Angel thinks it’s time for moms to get pampered too, and not just on Mother’s Day. In fact, you don’t even need to be a mom to sign up for Treat Angel, because Treat Angel wants all of us to choose a special something every month.… Read more

Holiday Shopping? Triple Your Cash Back at Swagbucks

This holiday season offers many ways to save. From cash back on your credit cards, to coupons, special discount, and of course cash back through shopping at Swagbucks.

Here’s how it works – Swagbucks, which always offers great cash back on major online retail sites throughout the year, is doubling their rewards for the entire holiday season. On Black Friday (Starting 8pm ET on November 26) and Cyber Monday (November 30) they are offering Triple Cash Back at a huge range of featured online stores such as Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, etc.… Read more

20% Off Target Toy Coupon, $4 Target Meat Coupons & Thanksgiving Deals

Target thanksgiving deals

Since, we were headed to Publix, we made a quick stop at Target next door. We splurged on both Ghiradelli and the Hormel platter, and then we found an amazing deal on Gold N Plump chicken with $4 Target meat coupons attached.

I’ve been looking for a dark-skinned doll for our daughter, so that her dolls represent all of her heritages, and I’ve had my eye on this little Moxie girl for a while.… Read more

Last Chance To Save 30% Off @ Schoola + Get $35 To Shop For & Free Shipping

Shop For Free Schoolachoola

Tomorrow is the last day to get 30 percent off all clothing at Schoola. I just put in my 30 percent off Schoola order, and I was able to get something for all the kids and myself without paying anything at all. You can too!

What’s the catch? I know, right? There must be a catch. There is…Schoola shopping is addicting.… Read more

Friday Finals

Weekly Savings Linky


A little shopping goes a long way.  I’ve not gotten much shopping this week, and one of the reasons has been that our oldest son had two baby teeth pulled out. This means that the fruit bowl is still full:)

I’ve also noticed a lot more shopping traffic and crowds, and it takes a lot to make me brave the crowds.… Read more

Friday Giveaway Linky – Enter Great Blog Contests

Oh my, the stores have gone in holiday mode around here, it’s almost a bit too much. I am so relieved that I barely have any holiday shopping to do, because most of the gifts have been packed away, were shipped off long ago, and most came from giveaways and online gift card earnings. Anything I buy from now on are bonus gifts or go toward birthday gifts next year.… Read more

Publix Thanksgiving Deals

Publix Thankgiving

There weren’t really many deals that we wanted to take advantage of this week. We do not eat turkey, and we are pretty stocked up already. So today I just picked up some crackers, Philadelphia cream cheese and M&Ms that our middle son needs to use at school. Our oldest son needs to use some soda bottles for a science project, so I picked up a six pack at full price – ooh I do not like that word – full price.… Read more

ALDI Organic Food & Clearance

ALDI organic

Our middle son has been asking for my special hasselbach potatoes for a few weeks, but I figured I’d save them for Thanksgiving, and hoped there’d be a sale. Sure enough, today I was able to pick up a 10 lb bag of Russet potatoes for $2.49 at ALDI. That’s a price that’s hard to beat.

We continue to try to incorporate more organic foods into our family’s diet, and this week we’re trying the Simply Nature organic spring salad and the Simply Nature organic baby spinach.… Read more