Jan 282015
Earn Gift Cards With Superpoints - Our Member Update

I’ve written about Superpoints many times over the years, and when the site returned last year I was skeptical about the return. Now, I’m ready to give my verdict. In recent months Superpoints has made several improvements, including improvements tot heir superpoints button, which was running very slow. I’m thrilled to say that it is […]

Jan 232015
Share Your Deals at the Shopping Linky - We Spent $77 on $196 Worth of Groceries + Saved $6000 On Clothes

This week we did not go shopping until Thursday, because I was deep into my creative writing, and I barely dared do anything but take care of the kids, exercise and write just in case I lost the inspiration. I’ve got the ending down now, and so it was shopping yesterday and today…to catch up […]

Jan 232015
Frugal Living: Save On Clothes By Shopping Ahead - See How We Bought $6000 Worth of Clothing For $88!

With four kids in the family, we go through a lot of clothes. Years ago, when we were in college and had a little one, I learned the lesson of shopping ahead to save on clothes, and my husband has seen how it works, so 13 years later we now have a very organized storage […]

Jan 222015
The Friday Giveaway Linky January

Welcome to the Friday Giveaway Linky here at Frugality Is Free,. The list is updated every Friday, but you only have to enter your giveaway once. Simply add the end date of your blog contest, if you don’t the giveaway will be deleted from the linky the following week. Don’t forget that you can always […]

Jan 162015
Target Holiday Storage Clearance + 20% Off Cartwheel Savings

I was hoping to pick up a couple of new storage bins at the Target holiday clearance sale, but there were no more left at the Target store I visited yesterday. Today I finally spotted two holiday tote bins on clearance at $5.58, and I was able to get 20 percent off with Target Cartwheel. […]