Jul 292016
Weekly Savings Linky Friday Finals

My stress level is through the roof this week, and shopping has been done on the fly, whenever it could be squeezed in. We did pick up some great last-minute deals, as we will soon be leaving the metro area behind and thereby also a bunch of stores we’ve gotten used to shopping at.


We’ve been eating out of the pantry and the fridge, st here was no need for a big shopping trip this week.… Read more

Jul 282016
Friday Giveaway Linky July 2016

Oh boy where does the time go? Have you checked out the great giveaways we have going on here at Frugality Is Free? The Friday Giveaway Linky is ongoing, so you can add your giveaways any time, just make sure to enter the end date, because expired giveaways get deleted every Thursday.… Read more

Jul 282016
$250 Worth of Clothes  - $1 Shipped! You Can Do It Too!

The kids are just about to start their new schools, and they are excited. With our move this summer, it has been almost impossible to do much shopping, which is why I’m incredibly thankful for Schoola. I’ve shopped for back to school for our kids all year round, mostly with credit and always with coupons and free shipping.

I’ve got $20 for you to spend at Schoola too, and if you use the Schoola coupon code and your credit you can get $30 worth of Schoola clothes for $1, or simply get $20 Schoola clothes shipped for free.… Read more

Jul 252016
Our $9.79 Rug From HomeGoods

Furnishing a new home on a frugal budget can be difficult, but with a little creativity it is possible to shop quality without breaking the budget. We needed a new rug, but there were no money in the budget for a big rug, so I had to get creative. With a little help from shopping apps and online earning apps, I managed to save up $75 in HomeGoods gift cards, and then I went shopping.… Read more

Jul 252016
1 Cent Back To School Deals Office Depot

We did not make it to Office Depot yesterday, so we missed out on a couple of the 1 cent back to school deals at Office Depot. However, it wasn’t a big deal, since we did get the items we needed for the kids school supply lists. This year we will be at a new school district, and although I’ve been shopping clearance and deals all year, I’m still finding items on the three kids’ lists that we need to add before the beginning of school.… Read more

Jul 242016
We Shopped For Free Thanks To The IKEA Malm Dresser Recall

Have you heard about the IKEA Malm dresser recall? If you have an IKEA dresser in your home, there are great chances that your dresser is a part of the enormous IKEA recall.

We were planning on throwing our boys’ three dressers out before we move, because they have abused them to the point of no return. So when I saw an advertisement on tv for the IKEA Malm dresser recall, I realized that one of the boys’ dressers might be included.… Read more

Jul 222016
Our Friday Finals - Saved $150!

We are in the middle of a big move, so we did not do a whole lot of shopping this week. On top of that we also had a birthday to celebrate and so it is just a little stressful.

We’ve been trying to empty our stock of food and only shop for the necessities. Thankfully our new town has an ALDI store, and that is going to be a huge help.… Read more

Jul 212016
Check Out The Friday Giveaway Linky - Win Your Gifts

Today was our youngest son’s seventh birthday, and there were several giveaway wins among his gifts including a brand new Jansport backpack. Our oldest son’s birthday is coming up soon, and he too has several giveaway wins packed away in his gift box, and now I need to start getting ready for Christmas. Have you checked out the great giveaways we have going on here at Frugality Is Free?… Read more

Jul 202016
How To Do Back To School Shopping For Free - Get Your Kids Those Crazy Name Brands For Free!

Do you have kids going to back to school in August? If so, I’m sure that back-to-school shopping is on your mind. We’ve got three boys going back to school, but this year they are all attending new school, and all the schools are uniform free. This is not cheap, and we’re moving into a much more affluent school district than we’re used to, so I’ve tried to take this into consideration as well.… Read more