Share Your Friday Finals at the Weekly Savings Linky – We Saved $203!

Weekly Savings Linky Friday finals

Between field days, dentists appointments  and more, I’m surprised I got any shopping done this week. But the shopping is done, and I even got to spend this morning at the beach with the kids and our friends. Life is good in Florida!

How did you do this week?



Feel free to share your Friday finals at the Weekly Savings Linky below.… Read more

Office Depot Rewards – $1 Head Phones & 32 GB Memory Stick – Saved $34!

Office Depot Reward deal

This year I’ve been on a mission to get as much as the kids’ school supplies together before summer vacation even begins, since our summer is going to be insane. I’ve stocked up on clearance sales in the fall, and we still have some printer paper left from last year. Still between three school-aged kids, it takes a lot of printer paper both at home and for school, so a few months ago I purchased 6 reams of printer paper for $24 dollars, and then I received $20 back in Office Depot Rewards.… Read more

Target Sunscreen Gift Card Sale – Saved $30!

Target sunscreen deal

Here in South Florida we go through a lot of sunscreen, and every year I try to stock up at the Target gift card sale. This year we still have some left from last year, but I still wanted to get a couple of more spray sunscreens, so I headed for Target. I also found ground beef on sale with coupons, and with the gift cards it turned out to be a great day at Target.… Read more

Friday Giveaway Linky May 27

Friday Giveaway Linky

Are you ready for summer vacation? I’m not quite there yet, but the kids are counting down. If you enjoy winning giveaways, make sure to take a look at our Friday Giveaway Linky. The linky is ongoing, so you can add your giveaways any time, just make sure to enter the end date, because expired giveaways gets deleted every Thursday.

Frugality Is Free Giveaways

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Memorial Day Double Cash Back at Swagbucks

Will you be taking advantage of all the great Memorial Day sales? Fire up the barbecue, break out the lawn chairs, inflate the inner tubes, summer is about to begin! Do you need any supplies for your big weekend, have a summer trip to book, or maybe a new summer wardrobe? Take advantage of all the Memorial Day sales at your favorite retailers and put some cash back in your wallet when you do with the Swagbucks Shop & Earn Memorial Day Sale!… Read more

Make Your Entrance Welcoming with Artificial Topiaries From HedgeScapes

Bougainvillea silk flowers

I’ve been trying to spruce up our front door for years, but our home is under a enormous tree, which is great for the energy bill, but all the shade makes it difficult to get some colorful flowers growing. So, to brighten up our front door area I decided to give artificial topiary a try . We already have a beautiful silk bougainvillea hanging planter inside brightening up a corner of the kitchen, so I went for a bougainvillea topiary for the outdoors too.… Read more

Publix Orange Juice Sale

Publix orange juice sale

We did not have much on our Publix grocery list this week, but we cannot go without Publix orange juice, and I was thrilled to see that these were on sale.  I also picked up beef and ice cream, but we’re trying to clean out our pantry, so we passed on all of the BOGO deals. We pick up the majority of our produce at ALDI, so that saves us a lot of money every week.… Read more