May 222010

This morning I was armed with coupons and ready to shop.

The first stop was at Old Navy’s where I was excited to be let in after two minutes (I was number 47 and they let 50 people in at the time).There were lots of $1 flip flops left, although the adult sizes were beginning tho thin out.

The excitement soon changed, when I realized that the line went throughout the entire store, and when I think about how long our 60 person line outside was, the line inside was at least 300 people long.

I quickly found my way out of there, as I had found my frugal limit.

Next stop was at Carter’s. Last night my husband gave me a $10 Kohl’s coupon that he had gotten from one of his renters, who did not need it. I love Kohl’s and I love Kohl’s coupons even more. I knew exactly what I was going to shop for.

I found what I was looking for a black swim skirt to match the blank/white tankini top that I got at Target a few weeks ago. Regular price was $34, it was on sale at $16.99, and I had a $10 coupon, making it $6.99…..LOVE IT!!!

After Kohl’s we headed to Carter’s where I wanted to find a dress from my little niece. She and her family is coming to visit us from Europe in two weeks, and since I have three boys I knew I wanted to get her something pink and flowery. I found the perfect dress.

Regular price was $20, it was on sale for $9.99, and I had a %25 coupon making it. $7.16.

I was hoping to find a hat for her to match, as the sun is very strong here in South Florida. The cheapest one cost more than the dress though, so I headed to the dollar store next door. I remembered seeing a strawhat that would match the dress, and I found the perfect match for $1.

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