May 192010

After a small grocery trip last week our fridge was closing in on empty. The produce drawer was so empty that it was time to clean it out, and except for hot dogs we had no meat in the freezer. Our freezer is very small, and it cannot hold much meat, so it is hard for me to stock up on it, and I hate buying anything at full price.

Last night I almost ordered pizza out of desperation, but instead I made whole-wheat veggie pizza with the left over veggies, my husband had tuna sandwiches and the boys had hot dogs and nachos. I know, it’s not the most nutritional meal, but it was either that or cereal for dinner…it was just one of those days.

Today I went to Sedanos first where I got some produce, which I would normally have gotten at Publix. I saved $9 by doing so.

At Publix I spent $62 and I saved $73.

The biggest splurge was blueberries, then cheap hummus and free Fisher dried fruit mixes.

I spent a total of $69 and I saved a total of $82

Thanks to I Heart Publix for all the hard work and help with making my grocery list.

I Heart Publix

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