May 192010

Today I went to Carter’s armed with my 25 % off coupon. You can get yours HERE. The Carter’s store is right next to Publix, and last week I went into the store to look after sun rompers for the baby. Here in South Florida sleeve-less sun jumpers are the most comfortable for him to wear in the summer as the clothes stick because of the humidity.

I spotted the perfect jumper, actually it was a two piece set, and it was on sale at $9. I figured I would go home and search for coupons, and I am so happy I did.

This is what I got:

A sunsuit regular price $16 on sale for $5 after coupon $3.75

A set of two 2 sleeveless ropers regular prize $22 on sale for $9 after coupon $6.75

After tax I paid $11.13 ($3.71 for each)

I got the light blue two rompers set in the left hand corner.

Below I got the green sunsuit in the middle. 

 If I had more money to spend, I sure would have, and I might just stop by next week as the coupon is valid until the 26th. A lot of the clothing including summer clothes were on sale 40 – 70 percent off.

 For those of you with little girls there were so many fantastic deals, cute dresses and more. Everything was on sale, and with the coupon you can really stretch your money far. I think it is a good thing I have three boys, because otherwise I would be spending way too much on pretty dresses.

Get your coupon HERE.

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