Jun 062010

In March I was able to find a fantastic bargain at JoAnns, huge sewing baskets for $0.97 each.

I picked one up for myself and one for my three-year-old niece. She is the only one I have to buy pink for, as I have three boys. Since she will be coming to visit this Tuesday, and I will get to see her for the first time in 2 1/2 years, I ended up going overboard on the pink. I always send gifts for her birthdays and Christmas, but I never get to see her open them as she lives in Europe, which is why I kind of went crazy on the pink gifts.

At first my intention was to give the sewing basket as just that, but then I came up with an idea. My little niece loves Hello Kitty, so I had bought some hair things with Hello Kitty at Target, and I discovered that the sewing basket was perfect as a beauty basket for hair accessories and more.

I wish I had an after-photo to show you, but unfortunately my dear camera suffered water damage last week.

I found some other hair accessories that I had bought for my niece over the last year, and I put them all in the basket together with a beautiful wooden brush I had received as a promo gift but never used. The accessory basket is just perfect and the total cost is $4.

  3 Responses to “A Beauty Basket – A Frugal Gift Idea”

  1. wow great ideas

  2. This is a nice idea for a “gift basket” filled with lots of the freebies that can be gotten throughout the year. I never thought of a sewing basket before.

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