Jun 032010

It is now possible to get paid for having your own Blog Frog Community. I have been a member of Blog Frog for quite some time, but I was pretty confused about what to do with my membership.

Well according to BlogFrog they have now partnered with ad networks like Federated Media, Technorati, and other ad networks to allow any BlogFrog community to run advertising, and all the details are handled by Blog Frog. Community owners will be paid a $2.00 CPM which means $2.00 for every 1000 pageviewsin your community. Blog Frog uses the following example: “If your community had 50,000 pageviews in a month, you would earn $100 that month (50 x $2.00)”

While this does not sound like much, it is a start and hopefully the Blog Frog community and ad revenue will continue to grow and sprinkle down to the community owners.

Are you a Blog Frog Community owner?
If you are just go to the Show Admin Menu in the left hand side of your community page to get ads on your community.

If you are not a Blog Frog member, this is definitely a great time to become a member.

You can check out the Frugality Is Free Blog Frog Community below.

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