Jun 302010

Tonight we had the first taste of mangoes and pineapples from the garden. The pineapple is one of two that we have growing on our first pineapple plant, and you can see more about this process at Growing Pineapples. The mini mangoes were the first to fall off from the tree in the back yard, and we are slowly beginning to get big ones as well.

My husband and I decided to try out the gas grill for the first time, so that we are ready for hurricane season. He received the grill for free through someone he works with, and after a good cleaning it was ready for use.

Tomorrow is grocery day, so we were emptying out the fridge, and then my brothers and their families gave us their leftover foods, before they returned to Europe this afternoon.

The Menu:
Homemade potato salad with chives from the garden (potatoes from brothers)
Salad with mango and pineapples (salad from brothers)
Veggie burgers for me
Burgers for the boys
Grilled Corn

It was a delicious family meal, where everyone were involved, and it sure was a frugal meal too.

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