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PhotobucketI felt like a child on Christmas Eve, when I opened up the box with my new Balboa Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover. The Balboa Shopping Cart Cover is not just practical, but it is soft, extremely well crafted, and the fabric is absolutely beautiful as well.
*1 1/2 year update: After one and a half year, numerous uses and many washes the Balboa shopping cart cover is still as beautiful as ever. I still use it for my 2 1/2 year old son whenever we go to the grocery store, and it still works as great as it did, when I first got it.*

I will admit it, after years of wiping down grocery carts for nasty grocery store germs, I am relieved to finally own a shopping cart cover. It might be silly, but a part of me feels like I am a better mother for finally being able to prevent my baby’s exposure to all of those shopping cart germs. For years I have spotted the occasional mom at the store with a shopping cart cover, but I have somehow managed with a blanket and the disinfection wipes that the store provides free of charge.
Balboa shopping cart cover

The hassle of carrying the big big blanket and of wiping everything down is now over, and I am proud to be walking into the grocery store as a trendy mom with a well-protected baby. 

The cover folds into a cute little purse sized pillow, and the pattern makes it look both trendy and beautiful. It is easy to unwrap and fold over the shopping cart with one hand, and once you are done shopping, it is just as easy to pack back up again.
Folded Balboa cover
 The Balboa Shopping Cart Cover has little tabs, where you can attach the baby’s toy or a pacifier. It has holes in just the right places for the grocery cart’s safety belt to come through, and it even comes with an extra safety belt that will cover up the grocery store belt and prevent your baby from touching it. 
The expression from my 12-month-old baby boy’s face, when he first tried the Balboa Shopping Cart Cover was priceless, as he looked so happy and comfortable. He surely enjoyed his shopping trip, and while I usually fear that he will fall asleep and be uncomfortable, he can now rest his head comfortably on the soft cover. 
The shopping cart cover doubles as a high chair cover for when you are on the go and eating out. Once again the cover has holes in the perfect places for safety belts. I tried it on our IKEA high chair, and it fit perfectly.
After use it is easy to throw the cover in the washer on the cold gentle cycle, and it will soon be clean, germ free and ready to use for your next outing.
I am 100 percent satisfied with my new Balboa Shopping Cart Cover and High Chair Cover, and the baby loves it too.
The Balboa product line is developed by Shirley Pepys (founder of NoJo), her son Noel Pepys and Dr. William Sears. Dr. Sears has written more than 40 books on child development, and he is known for his television appearances on shows such as 20/20, Oprah Winfrey, Good Morning America and Dr. Phil.
Balboa high chair cover

The Balboa Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover:

  • Comes in 8 different patterns
  • Is made of 100 % soft-quilted cotton
  • Is machine washable
  • Can be installed with one hand
  • Creates a germ-free barrier for the baby 
  • Folds up small for easy storage
  • Fits most standard shopping carts
  • Is durable – looks just as great 1 1/2 years later!
  • Designed for children ages 6 months (or when baby can sit unassisted) to 4 years.
Balboa Baby also carries slings, nursing covers and nursing pillows in beautiful and practical designs. You can find them on facebook to keep up-to-date on the newest products.
The Balboa Baby Shopping Cart Cover deserves a spot on the Baby’s Best First Birthday Gifts List. To find out, which other products made the list check out Baby’s Best First Birthday Gifts.
Buy It:
You can find all of the Balboa Baby products at www.balboababy.com, and you can buy them at amazon.com as well. To find Balboa Baby produts at a local retailer, check out the  retail finder at the Balboa website.
Win It: CLOSED  
Balboa Baby has generously offered to give a Balboa Baby Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover to one of Frugality Is Free’s readers. 
Disclaimer: I received the Balboa Baby Shopping Cart Cover and High Chair Cover to try from Balboa Baby for the purpose of this Review/Giveaway, but I was not compensated in any other way, and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.
** Images copyright Frugality Is Free

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