Jul 152010
While I was quite skeptical at first, I will admit that the Barely There CustomFlex Fit Bra has surpassed my expectations by many lengths, and the Barely There brand has completely won me over. 
When I first set out to find my right “new” bra size, as a part of the Smart Size Revolution, I felt the usual horrors of bra shopping return. I was very nervous that the size I ended up picking would be wrong, especially since I am currently transitioning from nursing bras to regular bras again after twelve months of breastfeeding my baby. 
I could not have been more wrong, as although the sizes were much different than I am used to, they ended up being just perfect. I was extremely positively surprised once I tried on the Barely There Custom Flex Fit Bra and matching panties.

I’m not sure, if I ever wore the right sized bra, as it seems I have always been confused in regards to bra size, and ever since my first pregnancy shopping for bras has been a horrible experience. On top of everything else the bra sizes in Europe are different than in the U.S., which has just added to my confusion. 
The Barely There Smart Size Revolution will be sure to win over women all over America, as it makes bra shopping a pleasant experience. Instead of the usual 16 cup/band size combinations, the Barely There CustomFlex Fit bras comes in five different sizes from XS to XL.  
This was the first time I tried the Barely There brand, but it will definitely not be the last. The Barely There CustomFlex Fit Bra and matching panty are so comfortable that Barely There might just end up being my preferred brand from now on. After I washed the Barely There CustomFlex Fit unlined, wirefree and tag less bra, it still fit perfectly, and I went straight to my underwear drawer to clean out. I got rid of all of those bras that were taking up space but were unwearable, because they had either lost a wire or the wire had become uncomfortable and started poking me. 
I am very impressed with how the Barely There CustomFlex Fit wirefree bra supports in all the right places, without having the annoying wires, and the tagless lineless bra is made of the softest, stretchiest cotton I have ever felt, and the microfiber panties are so comfortable that it almost feeling like I am wearing nothing.
The only negative parts about the Barely There Custom Flex Fit bras would be the anxiety I felt about changing from the regular band/cup sizes to the XS – XL sizes, and the fact that it does not cover many plus size sizes.
The Barely There CustomFlex Fit Bras come in many different varieties including Flex Shaper Underwire, Fuller Coverage Wirefree, Lightly lined, Stretch Cotton Wirefree, Lightly Lined Wirefree, Active and the Bandini Bra.
Product Information From Bzzagent.com:


Flex Shaper Underwire (4068)

  • Flexible foam cups shape to fit you
  • Flex Shaper™ underwire moves with you, no poking
  • Quick Change™ straps convert to criss-cross

Fuller Coverage Wirefree (4546)

  • Fuller cups, so no spilling out
  • Wider sides and back keep bulges at bay


Lightly Lined (4085)

  • Comfy support where you need it
  • Seamless for a line-free look under clothes

Stretch Cotton Wirefree (4070)

  • Super soft stretch cotton inside and out
  • Comfy support where you need it

Lightly Lined Wirefree (4742)

  • Comfy support where you need it
  • Quick Change™ Straps convert to criss-cross


Wirefree (4076)

  • Targeted power zones for support where you need it most
  • Perfect for low impact activities

The Bandini™ Bra

  • Easily converts to wear many ways
  • The ultimate wardrobe accessory
  • Seamfree for maximum comfort
To find your new size and the perfect style for you, check out the Smart Size Revolution at Barelythere.com

Disclaimer: I received a set of the Barely There CustomFlex Fit Bra and Panty to review for Bzz Agent, but the opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone. 

Images are from the Bzz Agent campaign page.

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