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Danish Pancakes
If there is one thing my boys love to have as a special treat it is Danske Pandekager or Danish Pancakes, just like the ones Morfar (Grandpa) eats according to my oldest son.
Danish pancakes are very similar to crepes, but this is the only kind of pancakes I grew up knowing back in Denmark. My oldest son has been back and forth many times throughout his 8 years, and Danske Pandekager is something that has stuck.

I’m carrying on the family tradition, as my dad and my grandfather used to teach me how to make pandekager. Now, I am teaching my children, and my eight-year-old son actually made most of this batch by himself or with the help of his four-year-old brother.In Denmark pandekager are normally served at kaffetid (coffe hour) at 3 p.m., but we choose to skip the snack and make it lunch instead.
If you anyone in your family suffers from lactose intolerance, you can see the lactose free recipe here.

The Recipe:
2 cups of flour
2 cups of milk
3 eggs
1 tsp of sugar
1/2 tsp of salt
1/2 tbsp of olive oil
Butter for frying.
Mix everything together, add a dash of butter to the pan, when hot add a bit of the batter. When brown on one side, turn it, and remove once both sides are brown.
Danske pandekager kan be served in many ways. My favorite way, albeit the messiest way is with vanilla ice cream and marmelade. The traditional way is with drizzled sugar and marmelade, and you can also do like my oldest brother and eat pandekager with bananas and Nutella (Chocolate hazelnut spread).
Warning: The smell of danske pandekager on the pan is sure to attract everyone in the neighborhood, and your children will cling to you while constantly asking when their pandekager are done.
Danske pandekager
The beautiful plates are from a set of Cuisinart Crimson Bloom that I won at I Need Mom earlier this year.
Danish Pancakes

What is your favorite frugal afternoon treat?

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