Jul 132010
Decorating on a tight budget sure can be fun, but it can also be quite a challenge. It has taken me more than three years of freecycling, frugal shopping and Internet bargain shopping to make my home feel inviting. Now I am on a mission to find some lighting for a house including a table lamp, and a hanging lamp.
I have used my own photography to create wall art, I found beautiful curtains on clearance, and my husband redid an old dining room table he had gotten for free. We do not have the picture perfect home, and we probably never will, as our home is very well lived in. Still, little by little it seems that everything is finally coming together, and now I am looking for the best lighting. I decided to check out CSN stores to see, which kind of lighting options they have in their more than 200 online stores.

I immediately fell in love with this beautiful lighthouse lamp. While the ocean theme fits in well at our home, it sure isn’t practical with three boys in the house.
Then I discovered this gorgeous butterfly lamp, and oh well I’ll admit that I quickly sidetracked from finding that practical table lamp.
This one is more the right fit for my family, but it is a bit above my price class. I think it is thick enough to withstand a small knock, and it almost look robust enough to survive a fall.
In the end I decided that a table lamp just isn’t practical at our house, because the boys have already knocked two over, and I will be honest and admit that I broke the one in our bedroom. I think a hanging lamp like this $36 (with free shipping) cobalt blue pendant lamp is the best fit for my family, if my little monkeys will refrain from trying to swing in it.
I am very happy that I found something within my budget which I love. My hunt for the right lighting sure makes me wonder, if it is this difficult for everyone.  
 * All images are from www.csnlighting.com

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