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PhotobucketI am very excited to present the Fandangling, one of Baby’s Best First Birthday Gifts here at Frugality Is Free. The Fandangling transforms ceiling fans into fun mobiles, but while a crib mobile can only be used up until about six months, the Fandangling is for all ages. 
The Fandangling is a very simple, but extremely fun and smart concept, and our air plane Fandangling seems to be drawing attention by anyone who enters our house no matter what age.
With three boys in the house I knew the Flying High air plane Fandangling was the right choice for my family. My boys ages 7, 4 and 11 months all love the Fandangling, but the baby is especially mesmerized by it. Seeing the soft air planes flying around in circles just have some kind of magnetizing force on my boys, and the Flying High Fandangling is definitely a hit at my home.
My soon-to-be one-year-old baby boy has a hard time falling asleep by himself, and he strongly prefers to be in his mother’s arms. The Fandangling has been a big help, because he now focuses on the rotating Fandangling in the ceiling until it soothes him to sleep.
The Fandangling was invented by Anne Zacharias, a mother of two, who discovered how fascinated her baby was with the ceiling fan. It is mom tested for sure, and it meets/exceeds the safety standards. Ten percent off all profits are given to charity, so this is one purchase you can feel really good about.
I consider the Fandangling to be a one of Baby’s Best First Birthday Gifts, because it is a fun and inexpensive way to spruce up the baby’s room even as he grows older. It is great at soothing the little one, just as it seems to make my toddler forget his worries once the Fandangling is set in motion. 
There are many different Fandanglings to choose between, and you can choose one for your baby, or one that is made especially for kids. Some of my favorites besides the Flying High Fandangling are the Puparazzi or the Underwater Adventure.  You can find all of the different Fandanglings at Fandangling.com.

  • The Fandangling is easy to set up, and it attaches to the ceiling fan in seconds. 
  • It is lightweight, so it does not interfere with regular fan use.
  • It is safe for children.
  • You can customize your own Fandangling
Buy It:
You can buy your very own Fandangling at Fandangling.com. It costs $19.95 plus shipping, but you can use coupon code FANDANGLING10 to get 20% off your Fandangling.   
Win It:
Anne from Fandangling is kindly giving away one Fandangling (Winner’s Choice) to one of Frugality Is Free’s readers.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Find Giveaway winner HERE
  1. Disclaimer: I Was not compensated in any way for this review, and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone. 

    ** Images are from Fandangling.com

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