Jul 272010

It is time for an update from my frugal garden, although there is not much left. As we enter August it is my time to start preparing for the season here in South Florida, and thankfully I won a $50 Home Depot gift card at Gather.com not too long ago, and I am hoping to stretch it even further with a coupon.

The tree to the left is an avocado tree.

Last summer I planted mango and avocado pits, and this summer I have mango and avocado growing. They are big enough to actually start giving a little privacy in my small backyard.

Below you see my mango tree and several avocado trees behind it.

The herbs are growing like weeds, but it sure is a good thing, because cooking with fresh herbs makes everything so tasty.



Rosemary – lots of rosemary. Tonight we are having my oldest son’s favorite rosemary chicken.


Finally my husband’s favorite, two huge pepper bushes with habanero peppers, and they are so spicy that I have to wear gloves when handling them.

Do you have a vegetable garden this summer?

You can see more post about my frugal garden and the delicious pineapples we ate earlier this summer at My Frugal Garden

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