Jul 242010
For many new mothers making homemade babyfood can be a daunting task, and lets face it buying storebought babyfood is both easier and faster. These days where organic babyfood is easily available, many mothers might even feel like they are doing their kids a favor by buying jarred storebought babyfood vs. homemade babyfood.

Making homemade babyfood does not have to be an overwhelming project though, and most often a few simple steps will take you a long way.

  1. Peel 
  2. Boil
  3. Mash
Some great foods that easily turn into homemade babyfood are: apple, pear, banana, potato, carrot, cauliflower, plantain, and broccoli. 
There are many more to mention, but you will never go wrong with any of these.
First you clean and peel the fruits/veggies, then you boil them, and finally you mash them. Having a hand-held blender is a great help in any kitchen, and while a food processor is great as well, the hand-held blender can easily make any dinner into babyfood. 
Add butter and formula/breast milk (later whole milk) to your vegetables, and make some food that your baby will love. At this stage in your child’s life you do not have to worry about diet, as babies need fat in their diet to help their brains develop. The experts recommend whole milk for a reason, so once your pediatrician gives you the green light to add whole milk to your baby’s diet, it is perfectly okay to add it into the homemade baby food as well.
When you have become used to making your own babyfood, you might want to try experimenting with combining different flavors. My baby boy personally loves mashed potatoes mixed with carrot, cauliflower or peas.
Make sure to only put on the plate, what you think you are going to use, and any leftovers
(that has not been on the baby’s plate) can be stored in a closed container in the fridge until the next day. If you have made plenty, you can always put it in a ice cube tray and freeze. Once frozen put the cubes in a freezer bag, and you now have homemade babyfood easily available.
I am by no means a storebought baby food opponent, but making your own homemade baby food is often the more frugal solution. I personally stock up on jarred babyfood, whenever I find a great sale that I can combine with coupons, because it really is easier for those days where we are out on the road, or if I am running low on time. On most days the baby eats what the rest of the baby eats, I just mash it up a bit.

I do swear by jarred prunes for the days where the baby is having stomach problems. There is no reason for fancy laxatives, once you have jarred prunes or prune juice on hand.

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