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Mothers Need Time-Outs, Too: Its Good to be a Little Selfish--It Actually Makes You a Better MotherI am very excited to announce the giveaway of one of my favorite non-fiction books Mothers Need Time-Outs Too. I first read Mothers Need Time-Outs Too written by Susan Callahan, Anne Nolen and Katrin Schumann during the summer of 2008, and it was a life-altering experience.
After a tumultuous time in my life, where I had a baby, graduated from college, tried to establish a career, moved to Europe, got married, had another baby, lost my mother to ALS and returned back to the U.S., I had basically lost myself or sense thereof in the process. Between being a stay-at-mom, having given up the career I thought I was going to have, and trying to deal with the loss of my mother, I felt lost and trapped. Picking up Mothers Need Time-Outs Too was exactly what I needed in order to find my way back to myself and to become the mother I wanted to be.
The authors of Mothers Need Time-Outs Too suggest that you start your own Women’s Workbook to put down your thoughts, which I find to be an excellent idea, as it really is great a way to straighten out the confusion of what I consider to be my thoughts.
The book focuses on how it is important for all of us to let go of the need to be perfect, and to take time-outs to ourselves. When I first started reading it, I knew this would be more difficult said than done, but I decided to make an attempt.
Mothers Need Time-Outs Too also concentrates around the importance of self-awareness, and it gives you tools to find your way back to who you are as a person.
One sentence that really struck me was: “Does your imagination have an outlet?” I thought about this, and while I first thought my answer would be yes, as I have taken up photography, I realized that although this might have something to do with self-awareness, it really did not have that much to do with my imagination. The authors suggest that you look back on what made you excited as a child, and when I did this, I knew what I was missing.
I used to have a vivid imagination, and my dreams would be a combination of my unconsciousness and the imaginary stories I thought up, while I was still awake. I would then write the stories down as they unfolded in my imagination.
That night after my husband and the kids had gone to bed, I found my inspiration in a photo I had taken of a Magnolia bloom, and I simply could not stop writing. Three years later I have three written novels that I am putting the final edits on when the kids are in bed, and maybe one day I will find the courage and the time to attempt getting them published.
The authors Callahan, Nolen and Schumann have done their homework with this book, and although the layout is different than what I am used to it works. While the authors explain the significance of mom time-outs, and of how self-awareness is an essential part of our happiness, they manage to weave in stories from other moms around the world. Instead of just telling us how to do it, how to find those precious minutes of ME time, they are even more successful by showing us how to do it. I could relate to so many of the stories of other mothers, whether it was a stay-at-home mom like me, or a working mom like I used to be.
I can continue writing about and praising this amazing book, but what I really want to do is urge other mothers to pick up the book. It really can be life changing, and even if you just pick up one or two of the suggestions, you will be able to notice a difference in your own life, and in the way that you think of yourself.
I think we all as mothers deserve to get to know ourselves, and we owe it to our children to show that they too can live fulfilling lives, as long as they find a balance.
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This Giveaway Is Closed, and a winner has been announced.

The Authors of Mothers Need Time-Outs Too and McGraw-Hill Publishing have been kind enough to offer one of the readers of Frugality Is Free a copy of the book.

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