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PhotobucketI recently received the opportunity to review the Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Volume 1 and 2 together with my kids, and these fun, educational DVDs could not have arrived at a better time. Just as my sons ages 4 and 7 were beginning to get bored with their summer vacation study sessions, we were able to switch up the learning routines a bit with this great phonics program.
Rock N’ Learn was founded in the mid 80s, by Richard and Brad Caudle, two brothers who put their professions of school psychologist and rock musician together to make a fun and entertaining way to teach children the basics and to keep learning fun and easy for everyone.
The result is a series of more than 50 fun learning products for kids from the preschool age and up.
Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Volume 1:
Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Volume 1 includes more than 70 minutes of fun learning, and this phonics program covers everything from short vowels and word families to sounds and the silent e.
The DVD teaches children through fun animated characters, great music and memorable rhymes to make everything easier to remember and fun to learn.
My seven-year-old son will be starting 2nd grade this August, and the Rock N’ Learn Phonics Volume 1 DVD was absolutely perfect  phonics program for his skill level. It started out easy, where my four-year-old son could play along, and as the program progressed and started implementing the skills taught earlier in the program, my youngest son would just listen intensely, while my 7-year-old son would compete against the animated characters about spelling the words faster. The competition element gives a sense of accomplishment, encourages and keeps the learning fun and challenging.
We divided the program into two sessions, but the DVD is created, so that there are several sections, where you can stop or begin. You can also choose specific sections from the main menu, which makes it easy to customize the program so that it will fit each child’s needs.
The first time my son watched the Rock ‘N Learn Phonics DVD, I sat down together with him and his brothers, and I was amazed to see how captivating the DVD was. Even my 12-month-old baby loved the beats, and my four-year-old son loved the way we could interact with the animated characters.
The second time the boys watched the DVD I took a more laid-back role, but my two older sons were still focused and eagerly participated in the phonics and reading sessions.
My oldest son’s favorite thing about the Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Volume 1 DVD is definitely trying to read the words faster than the animated characters, but he is also thrilled about the musical component.
Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Volume 2
The Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Volume 2 continues to build on the phonetic skill sets that were taught in The Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Volume 1.
I never thought that I would hear the words “That’s so cool, Mommy!” in connection with learning the long e, but that is exactly what my seven-year-old son exclaimed, once the second Rock ‘N Learn Phonics DVD began.
In The Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Volume 2, long vowels are taught and used, words with long vowels are spelled, and the same fun animated characters from volume 1 continues to teach by using beats and interactive spelling games.
While my son still managed very well on the spelling parts of this DVD, the Read-A-Long sections began getting a bit more challenging for him. At this point I put the DVD on pause a few times, so that he could get a chance to read before the narrator read the short sentences. The animated characters encourage the kids to continue practicing the words, if they are not able to read faster than the narrator in the Delayed Answers reading section.
The Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Volume 2 takes phonetics to a higher level than Vol. 1, but the phonics program keeps its entertaining and engaging way of teaching. It goes from introducing long vowels to sentence practice and syllables and consonants.
My son seems to respond extremely well to this visual way of learning, and as a mother it is great to see my son be excited about learning spelling and phonetics, which otherwise easily could seem like tedious learning.  
Overall Impression
I am extremely impressed with the Rock ‘N Phonics Program, and I do not know, why I have not considered it before. This will definitely not be the last Rock ‘N Learn DVDs that we use, and I already have my eyes on the Rock ‘N Learn Multiplication programs. My seven-year-old son took one look at the Rock ‘N Learn Science programs and immediately declared that he was going to add them to his birthday wish list.
The Rock ‘N Learn Phonics program is great for any child, but it is especially helpful to children who are very visual learners. It keeps the child’s attention throughout the program by switching up methods, adding fun characters/instructors and connecting the different skills sets with great beats and memorable rhymes. 

Buy It:
You can find all of the Rock ‘N Learn products at www.rocknlearn.com, and you can buy them at amazon.com as well. To find Rock ‘N Learn at a local retailer, check out the store locator.


Rock ‘N Learn has generously offered to give one copy of Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Vol. 1 and one copy of Vol. 2 to one of Frugality Is Free’s readers. 

This giveaway will end Monday August 16th at 10 p.m. EST.  
The giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents. I will chose the winner via Random.org, and the winner will be notified by e-mail. Make sure to leave your email, gather name, or have your contact available on your blogger site. The winner will have 48 hours to respond, and if there is no response another winner will be chosen.  
Disclaimer: I received a copy of Rock ‘N Learn Vol 1 and 2. for the purpose of this review, but I was not compensated in any other way, and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.
** Images copyright Rock’NLearn.com

***I was given the opportunity to review this product because of my membership at The Product Review Place. 

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