Aug 102010
This weekend I was in a bind, as my boys had been invited to a last-minute birthday party. We had run out of birthday wrapping paper, so we decided to make cheap wrapping paper ourselves. I had  a few different ideas, but the one that hit jackpot with my beach loving boys was surfer wrapping paper.
Fortunately we have a free subscription to Surfer Magazine. I simply tore out some pages from their free surfer magazines, lined them up and taped the pages together.
This is the result:
The wrapping paper was a hit all around, and it was a great way to showcase my sons’ personalities as well.
You can find more creative gift wrapping ideas here, and you can find lots of frugal living tips here at Frugality Is Free as well. 
Do you have any frugal tips to share?

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  1. What a great idea this is. Your pic shows it really looks nice. Another thing that looks nice that you wouldn’t think would: Aluminum foil. It really makes a wrapped gift look snazzy!

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