Aug 122010
As our children are getting ready to go back to school, moms all over the country are trying to stretch their budgets to get school-supplies, clothing and more for their children. If you have more than one child, who is returning to or starting school, the costs can easily add up fast. Here are ten tips for saving money during the back-to-school season that I use to stretch my family’s budget.

1) Start Early (It is never too early to start, and the best time to start is after school start the previous year)
2) Get those penny deals (If you find the penny deals, free deals at the local stores, you might just get quite a stash)
3) Bring your older children with you when shopping for the penny deals (2 x customers means higher limits of items)
4) Reuse! (You do not have to throw away used supplies and clothing just because it is the beginning of a new school year.)
5) Use Coupons – Right now there are some great coupons online for back-to-school coupons.
6) Take advantage of mail-in-rebates. It is amazing how many things you can get for free or very cheap, if you take advantage of the mail-in-rebates and rewards programs. 
7) Swap uniforms with neighbors and friends, check your local thrift shops for uniform shorts, pants etc. 
8) Shop the AFTER back-to-school shopping deals. It is amazing what deals can be found in September….stock up for next year.
9) Have a plan, and know your stock supply. Before you head out to the stores, know what you have at home. Make a list, compare the school supply lists from your children’s teachers.
10) Shop for the less fortunate. When you are out shopping, buy enough back-to-school supplies so that you can give a little extra to your child’s teachers. Not everyone are shopping savvy, and some parents simply cannot afford this time of the year.

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