Sep 242010
It is (almost)  Friday again, and it is time to share the best giveaways in the blogoshere. So come link up your blog giveaway in this weekly blog giveaway linky, and come enter great giveaways as well. Entering contests, sweepstakes and blog giveaways can pay off big time if you do it consistently, and it really is possible to win.

My most recent wins have been an autographed copy of the book Mother Daze, a $50 gift card to, and 4 awesome Rock N Learn dvds.

I am currently hosting 13 giveaways, maybe there is something for you.

Current Giveaways

@ Frugality Is Free

Win a Science Kit from The Secret Science Team 10/20

The Nutria Frog Kingdom by Bayou Bennett – An Environment Protection Book for Kids – 10/12
Win the Kitty Bead Maze – A Wooden Toy From ImagiPLAY 10/12
(2 winners!) Bestseller Eating Animals by Johnathan Safran Foer – 10/5
250 Business Cards Giveaway from 9/27
S Free Shampoo and Conditioner from Healthy Hair Plus 10/5
Green Toys Recycle Truck Giveaway 9/27
(3 winners!)10 Photo Cards from 9/29
Plus Size Top from Giveaway 9/29
The SpellQuizzer Spelling Software Program 9/27
The Kids Guitar Course Complete Giveaway (Book, DVD, CD, PC program) 9/27

@ Story Time Under the Stars
Hardcover copy of award winning Children’s book Being With You This Way by W. Nikola-Lisa 9/27

Creep! Crawl! Indestructibles Baby book 10/20

Low Entry Giveaways

 Win an awesome Science Kit from The Secret Science Team – 
Perfect for any curious child 10/20 (49 entries)


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You can also enter your Book Giveaways and find great a great book giveaway at the Book Giveaway Linky. There are lots of great book giveaways listed!

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or you can check out the Art, Craft, Tablescape and Food Linky Collection, or the Weekly Savings Linky Collection for more places to link up and expand your blogging network.

Please add name of blog, prize and end date when linking your giveaway.

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