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My oldest son recently got a chance to choose a Halloween costume from the Wholesale Costume Club, and while I thought it would be an easy choice, it turned out to be quite a difficult decision for my son to make. After browsing through hundreds of Halloween costumes, he finally decided upon the Junior Armed Forces PilotCostume from the Wholesale Costume Club.
I was a bit unsure of what size to get, but after reading in other reviews that the size of costume ran small, I decided to go with the size Tween 12-14. My son is turning 8 next week, but he is rather tall for his age, and at the moment he is growing like weed, so I figured it would be better to be safe than sorry. The costume is a little big for him, but I have the feeling that I will not be next year. The hat fits perfectly, but it definitely should not be any smaller.
My son asked me every day, when his costume would arrive, but fortunately it came fast, and when it did he could hardly take it off. In fact he only took it off, because it was so horrid and humid in South Florida, but the pride was obvious. He showed  off his new Halloween costume to the neighbors, to any visitors, and I even discovered that he brought it to school one day. 

The costume itself is even more awesome than we had imagined it to be, and I am very impressed with the quality of both the suit and the hat. The fact that the costume came with the hat was a strong selling-point for my son, and the hat really does play a big part of the costume. 

The patches make the Junior Armed Forces Pilot Costume look very authentic, and it looks like it was taken right out of the Top Gun Movie.


The outfit sure brings me back to my youth. Remember this guy?

My son has been dreaming of becoming a pilot for years, and this

Junior Armed Forces Pilot Costume from the Wholesale Costume Club, is definitely the perfect costume for him. 


The costume is 100 % nylon, and it comes in the following sizes: X-Small (2-3), Small (4-6), Medium (6-8), Large (8-10), Tween (12-14.
Great things about the Junior Armed Forces Pilot Costume:
  • Great Quality
  • Comes with a sturdy hat
  • Has professional-looking patches
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • It is machine washable
  • It can go in the dryer on low.
The Wholesale Costume Club

If you are looking for a great costume at a great price, The Wholesale Costume Club is definitely a great place to start looking, as it has a huge collection of boys Halloween costumes. I was amazed to see how big the collection was, and we spent a lot of time browsing through all of the cool costumes. There is something in all sizes and for all types. 

I compared the price at The Wholesale Costume Club to several other retailers, and it really does have some great prices. Above you see the savings, if you would buy the Junior Armed Forces Pilot Costume after having purchased the annual $5 membership. While the retail price is $49.99, the Wholesale Costume Club sells it for $37.96 for members. If you have several kids who needs costumes, a membership would be great way to get costumes at a better price.

You do not have to be a member of The Wholesale Costume Club to buy from the company, and even without the membership you will still be able to find a great deal.

* I received a sample costume for the purpose of writing this review, but I received no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed in this review are based on my own experience with the product and service, and it has not been influenced in any way.

** Images copyright The Wholesale Club and Frugality Is Free.

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