Oct 192010

I am very excited to report a fantastic CVS Deal, and I got it thanks to Simply CVS. After a long CVS hiatus due to irritation with my local CVS stores never having items in stock, and with coupons always being an issue, I simply needed to take a break. Finally I am saving money at CVS again!

Over the past few weeks I have made it back to CVS and actually shopped thanks to deal alerts from one of my favorite blogs – Simply CVS.

I bought 20 bottles of Mentos gum on BOGO sale @ 2 for $1.79 = $17.19 – (20 x $1 MF $1/1 Mentos Gum 15 ct. SS 10/3) = FREE plus tax (2.81 overage)
Since I had overage I also bought
A bag of Snickers on sale for $2.50 – ($1 CVS coupon and a $0.50 MF) = $1
A bag of Reeses on sale for $2.50

After tax I paid a total of 2.78 for all of the above
I saved a total of $42.38

I received $1 back in CVS bucks for scanning my CVS tag

Cheryl from Simply CVS always keeps me updated on the latest CVS deals, and she does so weeks in advantage, she lets me know what coupons are printing at the CVS scanner, and most importantly she helps everyone keep up-to-date on the CVS policies, contact CVS with questions and more.

Simply CVS

If you love shopping at CVS, or if you would love how to shop at CVS and spend almost nothing, make sure to head over to Simply CVS and follow Cheryl…sign up for her emails to, so you do not miss out on any great deals.

If you are a CVS shopper, you should also check out Cheryl’s Weekly CVS Linky, where you can link up your CVS deals all week.

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