Oct 112010

Despite having a very busy week, I still managed to find some great deals while shopping. Shopping was one of those things that were pushed in between doctor’s appointments and school pick ups, but our fridge is filled and my the family’s needs have been fulfilled.

The first deal of the week was at Kohl’s.

After a the first doctor’s appointment of the week to get my oldest son’s asthma checked out, I made a quick stop at Kohl’s while waiting to be picked up by my husband. The best thing is that my son’s asthma is completely under control thanks to exercise and a healthy dose of beach swimming. He is medication free! When I first told the doctor that he had been off the medication except for a few puffs of albuterol (the emergency medication), she was very concerned…Off medication? He now goes to checks every 3-4 months, but so far it is the third check, and he is doing fine.

The first deal:
A pair of sneaks for my four-year-old. He only has sandals, and the once he had were falling apart from all the walking he does.  I went in there looking for clearance summer clothes or shoes, but there were no good deals to be found. I then found this pair of sneakers without a box or tag, and I decided to bring them down to the register to get the price check. At the register they entered the number inside of the shoes, and sure enough I had found myself the deal I was looking for.
The sneakers were originally $30
They were on sale for $13.99
I used a 15% coupons making giving me a $2.10 discount and making them $11.89
I then used a $10 gift card that I had received from Mypoints making then $1.89
After tax, coupon, gift card and sales I paid $2.60 (Total savings

The next deal was at CVS.
Thanks to Cheryl at Simply CVS I made sure to stop by CVS to print coupons, just in case I received the $5 off Halloween stuff coupon. Amazingly, I did! As soon as I saw this lighted pumpkin, I knew that is what I wanted. The kids have been asking for a pumpkin, but they only last a day or two in the South Florida heat, so I have been looking for one similar to this one. Last year they were out of them at clearance time, so I made sure to get this one.
The pumpkin was $5.99 – $5 CVS coupon = $0.99
Aquafresh toothpaste $3.89 – $1.50 CVS coupon and $1 MF coupon = $1.39
The toy, is a baby camera, and it was on clearance for $1 
Total $3.38 
-$0.50 CVS bucks
Total out of pocket $2.88 + tax

 My Target Deals:
Finally I found a bikini I liked at the clearance section in the right sizes. I was hoping that they would have put the sun hat down further, but I was in shock. Everything had been replaced with winter stuff….we have 85-90 degrees outside! Crazy!
Mossimo bikini top reg. $17.99 on clearance for $4.48 saved $13.51
Mossimo bikini bottom reg. $17.99 on clearance for $4.48 saved $13.51
Wasa knaekbroed on sale for $1.99 – $0.50 TC = $1.49 (Ahh memories from Scandinavia)
MP 3 lb garlic chicken $6.44 – 2 TC = $4.44
Lettuce $1.19 – $1 TC = $0.19
MP Cheese sticks $3.69
MP brown sugar $1.52
MP bread $1.09 -$0.50 TC – $0.59
Mr. Bubbles $1.77
Total 22.65
I used the leftover of a Target gift card earned on Gather.com for my new bikini.
Total out of pocket $9.50

I of course found lots of great deals during my grocery shopping trip, you can find all about it at the Weekly Savings Linky.

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