Oct 132010

I am a strong believer in frugality, but I also think that paying for quality and living a healthy lifestyle is a part of living a frugal life. Eating rice and beans is not what frugality is about, it is about living a simple life and saving where it is possible, while splurging where it is needed.

I have wanted to grill salmon for my kids and husband for a while, but at almost $10 per pound, I just could not justify it in the grocery budget. Last week, I finally found a deal that the grocery budget could handle, so I made sure to pick it up.

To compliment the beautiful salmon, I picked up herbs and pepper from the garden for a marinade, and it turned out to be a very popular meal.

I found habanero pepper, dill, chives, rosemary and parsley in my tiny city garden.

My kids don’t even like the word fish, so instead it was just salmon, and sure enough even my extremely picky four-year-old son actually ate some, not all but some…

I served the grilled herb and habanero salmon with couscous and grilled vegetables.

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