Frugal Cooking: Lawry’s Chimichurri Burrito Casserole

After our camping trip last weekend, we returned home early Sunday afternoon, and when it was time to make dinner I accessed our fridge with its limited content. I ended up grapping a spice pouch of Lawry’s Chimichurri Burrito Casserole spices and seasoning mix, as this fit with the ingredients I had on hand and it made for some frugal cooking.
To make the Chimichurri Burrito Casserole you need:
1 lb of ground beef
1 can of Tomato Sauce
1 can of Black Beans
8 Tortillas
1 1/2 cups of shredded cheese
Lawry’s Chimichurri Burrito Casserole is easy to make, and it took me very little time to prepare.
Lawry's Chimichurri Burrito Casserole
  1. Mix water, seasoning mix and tomato
  2. Brown meat, drain fat.
  3. Stir in 1 cup of the sauce mixture and beans. Sppon about 1/2 cup of meat mixture into each tortilla.
  4. Foldover sides and place in baking dish. Top with remaining sauce and sprinkle with cheese.
  5. Bake in preheated 350 degree F oven for 15 minutes or until heated through.
Lawry’s Chimichurri Burrito Casserole is very simple, and I prepared it in less than 15 minutes. I used some of the tomato sauce mixture for my vegetarian version as well. For the meat version I added a bit of spinach, and I also blended most of the cheese inside, so my son and husband would not see it.
The family’s reaction:
Mom: I had the vegetarian version, which included leftover veggies including zucchini, red onion and spinach. It was good although not my favorite, as I would rather have had more veggies.
My husband: My husband has never really liked burritos, but he gladly ate these, and he said he would not mind having them for dinner agani.
My eight-year-old son: Like my husband he does not like burritos or cheese, and my son did not like his Chimichurri Burritos.
My four-year-old son: This one is the picky eater in the family, and we can hardly get him to eat anything at all. Surprisingly, he actually ate his Chimichurri Burrito, and we could hardly do anything but just sit there and watch him eat.
My 15-month-old: He did not like his Chimichurri Burrito, but I suspect the spice mixes were not to his liking, as he still has a very sensitive palate. He did eat a bit of my vegetarian dinner though

The meal was extremely frugal:
Tortillas $1 bought on sale at Target
Muir Glen organic tomato sauce after coupon: $0.14
Spice mix: FREE
Black beans: Bought on sale and with coupons for $0.40
1/2 zucchini bought on sale 1 pack for $1.13 – $1 coupon = $0.13 (1/2 zucchini $0.2)
1/4 red onion bought on sale $0.10
1 bag shreedded fat free Kraft Cheese $1 on sale with coupons.
Ground beef $1.99 for 1 lb.
Spinach bought on sale used $1.25 = $0.25
Zatarains Black Beans and Rice $0.60 after sale and coupons.

Total cost: $5.40 for a family of five.
You can win this fabulous Lawry’s prize package right here at Frugality is Free.
Lawry's Chimichurri Burrito Casserole
Lawry´s “What´s Your Flavor” kit includes: A Large 4.8 qt Pyrex Bake N Store marinating dish,
A set of skewers,
Lawry´s two new marinades,
Four new Seasoning Mixes
A bottle of Lawry´s Seasoned Salt .


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