Oct 162010

I do not share many deals at Frugality Is Free, but once in a while a deal come along that is so good that it has to be shared. Yesterday I managed to finally restock on toilet paper, when I got 40 rolls of Charmin for $16.25 with free shipping at Amazon.com.

Charmin Basic, Double Rolls, 4 Count Pack (Pack of 10) 40 Total Rolls
The Charmin Basic, Double Rolls, 4 Count Pack (Pack of 10) 40 Total Rolls  is on sale for $19.15 (regular price $34.99), and if you use the subscribe and save option you get an extra 15% off making it $16.25 after tax and with free shipping.

You can always cancel the Subscribe and Save option, and I usually do this as soon as my product arrive. You simply go to the account option and cancel it, quick, easy and no penalties.

I used some of the amazon gift cards that I had saved up from Swagbucks to pay for the toilet paper, so I did not even have to pay anything out of pocket.

We usually get a similar deal on toilet paper at a local warehouse, but now I actually got to save the gas and trouble to get there, and the charmin is higher quality.

Thank you to Couponing for 4 for sharing this fabulous deal with me.

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