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As a one-car family, it means that I am out walking with my little ones for about five miles on school days. If we have to go to the post office, make a run to the store, or if it is raining, the best solution is to take the bus. Still, taking the bus with two or three boys is not easy, especially not in an urban and very populated area such as South Florida, and I have been searching for an easy to fold, but comfortable lightweight stroller. My final choice ended up being the Mia Moda Sportivo Stroller from CSN Stores.

Mia Moda Sportivo Stroller

I was looking for a stroller that provided more comfort than a regular umbrella stroller, but it had to be lightweight, have great wheels and have a great shade. After lots of speculation, consideration and price comparison, I ended up purchasing the Mia Moda Sportivo Stroller in Tangerine from CSN Stores.

Choosing a stroller in the lightweight stroller class turned out to be more difficult than I imagined, and I found reviews for and against most of the strollers I was looking at. The Mia Moda Sportivo stroller seemed to have what I needed though, but then came the problem about color choice.

The Mia Moda Sportivo stroller comes in the following colors:

Mia Moda Sportivo blue
Mia Moda Sportivo tangerineMia Moda Sportivo red
Mia Moda pink

With three boys pink was quickly eliminated, the blue looked too light, and what if I one day have a girl. The black is not great in the South Florida Sun. I was having a hard time deciding between tangerine and red, but in the end the tangerine won. When my oldest son was little he had a black/red stroller, which looked great especially since he is tan year-round. However, I was constantly told that my daughter was beautiful. My youngest son, who is now fourteen months old has the most gorgeous black curls, but we get the beautiful daughter comments even when he is dressed in all blue….therefore tangerine was the final choice.


The stroller arrived extremely fast from CSN Stores, but the Instructions said assembly required, so I was a bit hesitant about opening the box. When I did open the box, I discovered that assembly meant attaching two wheels, which was an easy click-on task, and attaching the shade cover, which also was extremely easy. In less than two minutes the Mia Moda Sportivo Stroller was ready to roll


From my own experience with eight+ years of stroller use, I knew I had to spend quite a bit of time with the Mia Moda Sportivo Stroller, before I could give an honest and thorough review of it. Well, a few weeks later, five+ bus trips, and at least a mileage of 15-20 miles, I am now ready to give my opinion on the Mia Moda Sportivo Stroller in tangerine from CSN Stores.

For a lightweight stroller, the Mia Moda Sportivo stroller is actually very sturdy. I have shaken it around quite a bit, and 15 miles later it is still as good as new. It is not flimsy as I had feared, and it seems very well built. I am very pleased with the reclining seat, as it reclines to an almost flat position, which provides great comfort for my son when he naps in the stroller.

Mia moda sportivo shade

The only place where the Mia Moda Sportivo Stroller lacks, is when it comes to its shade. The shade really does not provide sufficient coverage in the South Florida sun, and I will definitely have to either attach a stroller umbrella or an extra cover. It is as if the shade tips up a bit, where it is supposed to tip down at the end, and this make it lack the needed cover.

The height of the Mia Moda Sportivo stroller and the handles are features that I absolutely love. I am only 5.3, but regular umbrella strollers usually give me a backache, as I have to bend over a little. The Mia Moda Sportivo is high enough for me to have a proper walking position, and it feels great to be able to walk upright.

Mia Moda Sportivo handles

The handles are great, they are covered with a soft but sturdy foam that is extremely comfortable to hold. I was initially worried that having two handles compared to having one unihandle would give me problems with using one hand. On most days (rain or sun) I have to hold a pretty large umbrella in my one hand, in an effort to shield myself and the kids from the strong South Florida rays, this means that using the stroller with one hand is significant. Fortunately, this has not been a problem, and I still have great control of the Mia Moda Sportiva Stroller even with one hand.

Mia Moda Sportivo wheels

The wheels are always a concern of mine, as great wheels on a stroller is very important for its performance. I was positively surprised about the wheels on the Mia Moda Sportiva stroller, as they seem very solid. They are larger than those on a regular umbrella stroller, and they seem more sturdy than most wheels I have seen on strollers in the US. I am also surprised at how well and smooth the stroller rides, even on our very rough South Florida sidewalks. The wheels go through gravel pretty well, and it also moves through a little sand without any problems, although I have not even attempted to take it for a beach ride. The one place where I encountered problems was, when I take it through the heavy South Florida grass, it makes its way through, but it takes a lot of pushing.

Mia Moda Sportivo basket

The Mia Moda Sportivo stroller comes with a storage basket, which is a great feature as smaller strollers usually lacks storage. It is not big, but it is there, and I can fit a lunch bag, a pair of flip flops, a book and a big umbrella in it without any problems. My only problem is that when the stroller is in a reclining position, it will fit less in the storage basket.

The instructions advises against putting bags etc. on the handles, and if you put on too much weight on the handles it will tip over backwards. As a mom, handles are a great place for storage though, and it easily holds my purse for easy access.

When I was looking for a lightweight stroller, I was looking for a stroller that could be folded with one-hand, as going on the bus is always a struggle when tugging along three boys and a couple of bags. I was not convinced that I could fold the Mia Moda Sportivo stroller with one hand, as some of the reviews that I read stated it was not possible.

Below you see the Mia Moda Sportivo Stroller in folded position compared to a regular umbrella stroller.

Mia Moda Sportivo Stroller folded

I did not get much time to practice folding the stroller at home, before I had to run off to the bus, but it passed the first test. I managed to fold the stroller with the baby on my arm, but the real problem arose, once I had to click it into a locking folding position. The small locking feature was a bit difficult to locate, and then I could not get the stroller folded tight enough to actually lock. I found out (just at the right time) that I had to loosen the one side of the shade cover to get the stroller to fold tight enough to click the lock on.

Mia Moda Stroller

After coming to this realization, I have not had a problem with folding the stroller, and putting in into a locking folding position whenever I need to enter the bus. I love the carrying strap that the Mia Moda Sportivo Stroller has because, it really does make it easier to carry baby, stroller etc. when you need to use public transportation.

The stroller is so lightweight that I can easily lift it up into the storage area of the bus with one hand, and then again take it down, when it is time to exit. When I get off the bus, I can unfold the stroller with one hand again, even with the baby on my hip. I give the Mia Moda Sportivo 4 1/2 FrugalMom stars out of 5, when it comes to folding.

Mia Moda Sportivo Stroller

My son seems to be absolutely comfortable in his new Mia Moda Sportivo stroller. In fact, the first time I put him in it to go catch the bus, I put him in the stroller to keep him quiet, while I gathered the things we needed to bring. It took him less than five minutes, before he had fallen asleep. Since then he has taken many naps in the stroller, and he always looks very relaxed and comfortable. I love that the seat can recline as much as it can. This is one feature that I have been missing with my previous light weight stroller.

Mia Moda Sportivo

The foot rest is just perfect for my litle one’s feet, and contrary to some strollers it seems to have the right height.

 What I love about the Mia Moda Sportivo Stroller:

  • It is lightweight but sturdy
  • It has more features and more comfort than my regular umbrella stroller.
  • The wheels are bigger
  • It can be folded with one hand
  • It can recline to an almost flat position
  • It has a storage basket
  • It is higher than a regular umbrella stroller
  • The foam handles are extremely comfortable

What I don’t love about the Mia Moda Sportiva Stroller:

  1. The shade does not provide sufficient shade
  2. To make the stroller lock in a folded position, I have to loosen one of the sides of the shade.

Below you see the Mia Moda Sportivo Stroller compared to my old umbrella stroller. As you can see it is not that much bigger, but the small difference in size actually means a lot. There are several comfort difference as well that moves it up into the lightweight stroller class.

Mia Moda Stroller

Final Thoughts:

I am very pleased with the Mia Moda Sportiva stroller, and it is a great step up from a regular umbrella stroller. If you need the comfort of a larger stroller, but the convenience of an umbrella stroller, the Mia Moda Sportivo stroller is a great compromise. For its class, I would have given it five out of five stars, if it was not for the lack in coverage from the shade. I therefore give the Mia Moda Sportivo stroller four out of five FrugalMom stars for its lightweight stroller class.

While it cannot compare to my regular European full-size stroller, the Mia Moda Sportivo stroller is a fabulous alternative for the days, where we need to take public transportation.

My CSN Stores experience:
Ordering from CSN Stores was easy, and the Mia Moda Sportivo stroller came quickly, and it arrived in perfect condition. I could follow along with the shipping with the tracking feature, so I knew when to expect the package.

While I had no need for the customer service crew this time around, I have used it in the past, and my issue was resolved in a matter of minutes with no hassle.

Buy It
You can purchase the Mia Moda Sportivo stroller at CSN Stores, and it comes in five colors: tangerine, black, aqua, red and pink. (For specific color samples see the top of this post)

*Disclaimer: The Mia Moda Sportivo stroller was partly paid for through a gift certificate from CSN Stores, but I was not otherwise compensated for this review. My opinion has not been influenced in any way, and the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. While this is my opinion of the product, someone else might have a different opinion.

** The images used in this review are copyright JRFrugalMom/Frugality Is Free and CSN Stores.

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