Oct 112010

After a long and very busy week the boys and I needed to wind down on the beach yesterday. My husband had to work, but he dropped us off at our local beach, and we were all excited to discover another day with beautiful calm water. Calm water days are rare at this time of the year, so we always welcome then with open arms.

We found a spot all the way down by the water. This is where we prefer to stay, as I can watch my kids at all times.

We started out with a swim in the ocean, but I have to say that it is amazing how cold the water had gotten since last week. My eight-year-old and four-year-old boys jumped right in, and they had a hard time getting out again.

My fourteen-month-old son and myself….well we had to take it slow, but we made it in, and after a while it was fabulous.

My oldest son used to be extremely shy, and he never wanted to play in groups. As a matter of fact, when he started kindergarten there were concerns that there might be something wrong. As his mother, I knew that he was perfectly normal, but just shy and reserved. Well, my son is now in second grade, and somehow he has turned into a social butterfly. He now approaches other children all by himself, and he makes friends everywhere. Yesterday at the beach I ended up with three extra children. I knew that one of them came from a neighboring family, but I never found the other kids’ families.

The kids swam in the ocean, played with their boogie boards, made rock castles, water canals and much more…a lot of frugal fun.

The kids had a blast, and it was amazing to see how much fun they could have together.

All of a sudden they run up from the water, and they start saying that they saw a big fish. A BIG fish….well,
I know my son has a vivid imagination, but all four 7-9 year-olds were saying that that they saw this big fish. Seconds later people start moving out of the water. I always try to have my eyes at all three kids at the same time (difficult but possible), so I had a hard time starring out at the water searching for what the kids were seeing.

All of a sudden people start gathering together looking out at the water, pointing….are they seeing something I wonder. I tell my kids and their friends to stay out of the water, and I see other people come down to retrieve their family members and friends from the water. I still don’t see anything, but it looks like some of the adults are seeing something.

I have a flashback to the one time that a group of manatees were slowly floating by in the shallow waters. People ran out of the water FAST, and they did not go in the water for a while. I asked my sons if it was a manatee that they had seen, but no! Last summer when we were vacationing in Key Largo, my sons were actually swimming, when a manatee came so close to them that they could have touched it.

The kids started describing a very large fish, but it was not a shark. My oldest sons are sharks specialist, so they would definitely know, if they had seen a shark. My kids can recite all kinds of strange shark facts, all the different species etc., and my four-year-old has been insisting for years that he wants to be a marine biologist. So according to my shark experts it was not a shark, but a very large fish. Did you know that sharks are attracted to the colors yellow and red? Yes, don’t wear a red or yellow swimsuit in the ocean!

I have seen big fish at the beach myself, but not as big as they were describing. They stay out of the water, and my husband calls to tell me that he is on his way to pick us up. I figure it is great timing, and we start gathering our things. I am still not convinced that this big fish actually exist, but it is time to leave.

Less than ten minutes later, the sheriff’s helicopter starts flying over the water very low…..what are they looking for I wonder? Did the lifeguards see something that alerted them, or was it just all the scared people on the beach that had caused concern?

Later last night my husband calls me to come watch the news, because he heard something about our beach, and about someone seeing something. Finally, the mystery would be solved. We were expecting a shark sighting or maybe manatees, but no….someone had seen a submarine! Crazy! A submarine! Well, it sure was not what my kids saw at the beach, but still it was a strange coincidence.

What is the strangest thing you have seen at the beach?

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