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After a bit of a gardening hiatus during the hot and steamy South Florida summer, I am starting my frugal garden once again.

As I live in the city and share my tiny back yard with the neighbors, I do not have much space to garden on. However, I refuse to let go of my gardening dreams, and my small garden bed will soon be filled with veggies of all sorts.

The boys and I have started many special frugal gardening projects including the one above. This is our first attempt at growing a coconut palm, but this one is looking great so far. 

This summer we also enjoyed two pineapples from our first pineapple plant. Growing pineapples takes patience but very little need for care. It took 24 months from planting the top of a pineapple to harvesting the first ripe pineapple. You can see the very tasty result at my growing pineapple post.

The plants that gave fruit this summer is still growing strong, and it has grown two new green tops. We now have five pineapple tops in the ground planted about every six months, so hopefully we will soon see another pineapple fruit appear.

After weeding out some stubborn weeds, I discovered one huge habanero pepper bush.

Since then my husband and our neighbors have been enjoying this fantastic and extremely spicy pepper bush, and there are plenty for all of their Jamaican cooking.

Below are three pepper plants in front of a wildly growing rosemary plant.

I had won a $50 Home Depot gift card that I was planning on using for my garden, but then I decided to give it to my husband for his recent birthday. After taking a look at all of the seeds from in my seed box, and all of the seeds that I had gathered from last years garden and from veggies that we have eaten over the summer. I simply dried the seeds and put them in a small container.

As a starter planter I used the plastic planters that last years Marigolds came in. These work great for the purpose, and they work just as well as the starters you can buy at any store.

The photo above and below were taken two weeks after planting. I planted cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, okra, pepper, habanero pepper, orange seeds, lime and much much more…

The Marigold got a special spot in a golden planter that my husband gave me for our anniversary last year. I use Marigold as a natural insect repellent, so as soon as they get a big bigger I will start planting them around in the garden bed.

After two weeks
After 3 weeks

I had some chives that were growing in between weeds, but they were not doing too well. After cutting them down two weeks ago (made a tasty marinade), they are now growing much better.

I have planted green onions from seeds in the green planter below, and I am very eager to see how they will do.

The avocado seed that I put out about four weeks ago has finally grown roots, and it has cracked just enough for me to see a little green avocado tree starting to sprout. In a week or two I will transport it to dirt to join my five avocado trees from last year.

We only got two avocados this year from the trees on one of the properties that my husband manages. One of these avocados resulted in the above sprouting avocado seed. Since it takes seven plus years for an avocado tree to bear fruit, I am still excited because it is worth the wait.

With last years five trees I only have six years to wait…. My hope is that I one day will be able to plant the trees at a garden that I can call my own.

Until then the avocado trees and my one mango tree (the one in the front) from last year are helping me create a natural fence, since we cannot have a proper fence on the property. We live on the corner of a small roundabout, which means there is no privacy in the backyard.

I tried cutting down one of our hibiscus trees in the spring in the hope that it would make it more full, and so far it seems as if it is working.

I found one lone blooming hibiscus flower waiting to be admired.

That is about it for my frugal garden update, but hopefully I will soon return with a great tasting update. So far I have spent $0 on the garden this fall, but I think I might end up buying 1 large tomato plant with a $5 gift card I won this summer.

 Do you have a fall garden?

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