Nov 202010

I love it, when companies offer great incentives to sign up for their newsletter. I am signed up with Shop It To Me, a really cool site that will tailor a newsletter with the best deals for your favorite clothing brands based on the brands and clothing sizes you select. You can tell them when and how often you want to receive their newsletter.

“When you sign up, Shop It To Me will send you either a daily, semi-weekly, or weekly email of sale items which match your preferences. We never share your private information.”

Show It To Me

Here are a few of the top deals that Shop It To Me sent to me today:

Right now Shop It To Me  Is running an awesome promotion: For every 10 friends you get to sign up, we’ll give you a FREE $10 Gift Card.

If you would like to sign up, or you can click here so that you too can start spreading the word and get your gift card.

This link is my referral link, which I of course would appreciate that you use. However, if you prefer to sign up without using my referral link you can do so at

Thank you Money Saving Mom for passing this great tip along.

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