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The weather in South Florida can be quite tricky at this time of the year. One day we are off to the beach, swimming and having a blast, and the next day it is so chilly that we need to turn the heat on. Fortunately, we have not had to turn the heat on yet this year, but we have had a couple of days where we needed to use our best layering techniques to keep warm. Since many South Florida homes are not equipped to handle the cold temperatures, we might as well just be opening the doors and keeping the birds warm as well. This is one of the reasons why my family uses layering techniques as a frugal way to stay warm during the winter.
1. My number one layering technique is all about the tank top. I have tank tops in almost all colors, and the best once for layering is the tight fitted tank tops. The tank top does not have to match the rest of the outfit, but there are certain colors that go better together than others. Beige and white, bright colors and black etc.

2. Another way to use tank tops as a layering technique is by using two tank tops of the same style, but in different colors. This is one of the reasons why I often buy several tank tops of the same style, whenever I find a great deal. 

3. A tight-fitted t-shirt can be used in the same way as a tank top or camisole. When using a tight-fitted t-shirt as part of your layering techniques, a one-colored, non-print t-shirt will work best and will prove to be the most versatile as well.


4. The cardigan is another favorite of mine, and it is a must for great layering techniques in South Florida. The mornings and evenings are usually chilly in Florida, but by midday the sun is out and warming us up in full force. With a cardigan,  I start unbuttoning a few buttons, by brunch the cardigan is completely open, and by lunch time the cardigan might very well be over my shoulders or completely packed away.

5. Shape is important when it comes to layering techniques, because having a v-neck tank under a straight-lined top can cause asymmetry that is not pleasing for the eye. Try to combine v-neck with v-neck, and straight lines with straight etc. The one exception is a straight tank top under a v-neck shirt. When the v-neck is on the outside, the combination actually works rather well.
6. For the very cold days, layering with a tank top, a cardigan and a stylish scarf is a great way to keep warm by still looking trendy and as if you are on top of your game. Scarves are often neglected, when trying to dress warm, but scarves come in all different colors and materials, and they can complement an outfit extremely well if put together the right way.
7. I love feminine clothing, and I absolutely love wearing skirts. On the days, when the cold starts biting me, I still want to be able to wear my skirts, and the best way to do so is by using long tight pants such as leggings or even skinny jeans underneath. 
8. Blazers are a must when you try to layer your clothing. I have blazers in all different colors, fabrics and textures, and on a cold day they prove to be a perfect way to stay warm and still be fashionable. Leave the blazer open, show off a t-shirt with a tight-fitted tank underneath, and add a scarf or jewelry to accessorize. Do not go overboard, but with the right combination you will be a trendsetter and warm at the same time.
9. Mixing materials is a great way to add texture to your outfits, and by using the layering techniques above, you might very well come off looking quite trendy while at the same time being extremely comfortable.
10. Mixing colors is a big part of having great layering techniques. Know which colors that fit your skin tone well during the different seasons. Quite often you can find great articles in women’s magazines, and they might just save you a fortune from having to hire a color analyst. When layering clothes try to find that main line through the entire outfit, just as you do in your writing. Complement that line without going overboard. It can be something as subtle as wearing a colorful tight-fitted tank top under a nice shirt. Use similar colored jewelry or a scarf – subtlety goes a long way, and quite often it is just a matter of using two items that are in the same color range, which will make the entire outfit come together.
Layering techniques are important in all parts of the country, and by layering your clothes in the right way you can stay warm and comfortable without compromising on fashion. As a frugalista, I use layering techniques to add new life to old clothes, and to stretch my children’s wardrobes without having to buy a winter coat for the two or three very cold days we have every year.
One company that has great layering clothes is Cuddl Duds:
About Cuddl Duds:
Cuddl Duds designs and manufactures high quality intimate apparel. As the leading warm underwear maker in America, Cuddl Duds has become synonymous with comfort and “feeling good.” Cuddl Duds is a wholly owned subsidiary of Komar.

Komar, the 102-year-old privately held apparel, consumer products and distribution services company, designs, markets and manufactures women’s and children’s sleepwear, loungewear and lingerie. Komar is a progressive company with a global sourcing network that includes factories in fourteen countries andstate-of-the-art distribution facilities. Founded by Charles Komar in 1908, who stated “you only have one reputation,” the third-generation Komars adhere to this guiding principle while running the company today

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that you love to use as part of your layering techniques?
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*The about Cuddle Dudds information is from Twittermoms.

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