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Today is the opening of the two first ALDI stores in South Florida. I am celebrating the opening of Aldi in Lauderdale Lakes and Deerfield Beach, FL today November 11th with another great ALDI giveaway. You can read all about the best Aldi deals at my blog the Aldi Spot.

You can find the new South Florida ALDI stores at:

ALDI: 3301 N. State Rd. 7, Lauderdale Lakes, FL NOW OPEN!
(Northwest corner of U.S. 441 and Oakland Park Boulevard in Lakes Mall)

ALDI: 3825 W. Hillsboro Blvd, Deerfield Beach, FL NOW OPEN!
and Coming SOON!
ALDI: 11330 Pembroke Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines, FL. Opening December 8th, 2010

If you wonder why I am so exicited about ALDI coming to South Florida, I think ALDI’s shoppers explain it best:

 Mama Hen said:”I shopped at ALDIs for the first time two weeks ago and could not believe the low prices. Their eggs were lots cheaper!”

 Cheryl said: “They have good produce and that’s what we usually get–it is less expensive than the grocery stores. Our church often gets hot dogs and hamburgers for fellowships.”

Billie said “My favorite Aldi product is, by FAR, the dark chocolate bars in the red package. It is the creamiest, smoothest chocolate in the world! And, it’s the cheapest too! Can’t beat it!”

My name means Wisdom said:: “My fave products to buy there are bakery staples like flour, sugar and evaporated milk because it is so much cheaper than other places. The twins love Aldis come gingerbread house making time, because I let them go crazy picking out candy to use.”

JC said: “I like buying baking supply at Aldi’s, flour, yeast…etc. Better price even without coupons.”

Emily said: “We always buy hot dog and hamburger buns at Aldi for my husband (I’m GF but he’s not). I also like to get my potatoes and onions there. I could go on and on about what I love buying at Aldi… :)”

Mami2jcn said: “I like to buy boxes of steaks there. They are already seasoned and they are pretty inexpensive.”

jerseygirl137 said: “My favorite product is the store brand frozen vegetables and milk. The vegetables are a lot cheaper.”

Joanna said: “My favorite product to buy is the turkey, brocolli and cheese pocket sandwiches. I love the taste (I think they’re way better than Hot Pockets!) and they are cheaper/healthier.”

SLS(atlmuzikfanzinc) said: “My favorite item to buy at Aldi is their large family size pizzas.””

strawberry said: “My favorite product to buy at Aldi’s is cereal. Cheaper in price then a lot of stores.”

Kim@Chubby Cheeks Thinks said: I usually buy the fit yogurt and it is cheaper than yoplait and tastes really good too!”

Sweetpea18 said: “I read their flyer each week and mostly go there for the non-food items… they get some random cheap home stuff!”

The ALDI lovers above all entered my first ALDI giveaway: The 5 x $25 ALDI giveaway ends 11/15 at 10 p.m. EST.

I got a lot of inspiration from reading my fellow ALDI lovers’ comments. I have never actually shopped at an ALDI Store here in the US, but there is one very close to my dad’s farm in Europe. He loves ALDI, and I will have to admit that after living in Europe for a few years I too got addicted to the free, cheap produce, mozzarella cheese and chocolate.

Now, I’m not the only South Floridian, who is EXCITED about ALDI finally opening up in South Florida.

Mami said: “I am in Florida…South Florida and am jumping for joy to say soooooooon I will be having a store near me……I am stalking the construction site 😉

Laura @ Frugal Follies said: “I don’t usually enter contests at other blogs, but how can I pass this one up? There are currently 0 ALDI stores within 25 miles, but come Thursday there will be two! Woohoo!”

Dutch girl said: “I live in South Florida. I checked Aldi’s website and there are 2 new shops opening on November 11th and another one on December 20. That is the one I’m waiting for. I know Aldi from Germany and the Netherlands and the products are of high quality. I love to shop at Aldi!”

For more info about ALDI

Win It

Giveaway Closed: 

Giveaway Winners Will Be Announced HERE

ALDI is generously giving away two (2) $25 ALDI gift certificates to Frugality Is Free’s readers to celebrate the openings of their ALDI stores in Lauderdale Lakes and Deerfield Beach, FL. This is a fantastic opportunity to try to see how far you can actually stretch your money at ALDI.

This giveaway will end Wednesday December 1st at 10 p.m. EST.  

The giveaway is open to U.S. residents 18 years old or older. I will chose the winner via, and the winner will be notified by e-mail. Make sure to leave your email, or have your contact available on your blogger site. The winner will have 48 hours to respond, and if there is no response another winner will be chosen. 

Disclaimer I did not receive any compensation for hosting this giveaway, and the opinions expressed in above have not been influenced in any way by other than my own experience with ALDI stores.

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  1. When are you going to open a store in or near Winter Haven, Florida? SOOON I HOPE !

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