Nov 192010

This week I was able to find a fabulous deal on shrimp at Target, and I knew that it was time to make my mother-in-law’s easy shrimp recipe. My mother-in-law is Jamaican so it is a very flavorful dish, but I held off just a little with the spices since my fifteen-month-old son would be eating too. I did add spicy habanero peppers for my husband’s plate though, as we have a fantastic habanero pepper bush growing in our garden.

The dish is extremely simple to make, and my oldest son actually remembered it from, when we lived in New Jersey (He was 2 1/2 years old when we moved).

1 lb of shrimp
1 box of spaghetti
1 lb of carrots
Spices, salt, pepper and garlic to taste.

1. Season the shrimp. I used Goya Adobe seasoning, salt, pepper, garlic pepper and cayenne.

2. Chop up the carrots and onion and saute them in some extra virgin olive oil.

2. Start cooking the pasta.

3. When the carrots and onion are becoming soft, add the shrimp.

4. Final step stir in the pasta carefully and serve while hot.

Easy, simple and frugal!

My oldest son is using his Head Chefs spatula to stir his grandma’s shrimp dish. You can win a selection of Head Chefs Cook Cooking Tools for kids right here at Frugality Is Free.

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The shrimp are on sale at $5 for 1 lb of shrimp, and there is a $1 coupon on making it $4 for 1 lb. I used 1/2 a box of Whole Wheat spagethi and 1/2 box of regular spagetti, both of which I got on sale for less than 10 cents each. 1 lb of carrots was $95 cents and an onion 10 cents. Total cost of a family meal for five $5.15.

We even had enough for my husband and the boys to have for lunch the next day.



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