Nov 142010
Santa Has Left

It was time to get our holiday photos taken today, and as a frugal mom dedicated to frugal living, I of course take them myself. (Check out my Frugal Holiday Tips) My husband got me a used Canon SLR camera for my birthday this year, so it would be foolish not to use it. Unfortunately it was cloudy, so it was a good thing we did not get there for the sunrise.

We did get to the beach before 8 a.m. though, and despite being a bit chilly, the beach was still buzzing with locals and a few tourists, who were out enjoying their Sunday morning in South Florida. My boys soon noticed that Santa seemed to have left Florida already, and they are hoping that he made it back to the North Pole in time to get all the gifts ready for Christmas.

I will not be sharing the family photos, but they did not turn out too well either. I used the timer on my camera, and for some reason it seemed to try to compensate for my husband’s and my white shirts. My husband is also as dark as I am light, and I guess we confused the camera.

I took a bunch of photos of our boys though, and with my husband’s help we actually got quite a few good once. With three busy boys ages 8, 4 and 15 months, I have given up on getting decent shots of them together unless I have someone there to help me. They simply cannot stand still, and forget about looking in the same direction. We got some fantastic shots though, and on the one we will be using for the Christmas cards I caught my youngest son throwing his santa hat up in the air, while my two oldest sons were standing picture perfect.

There were not many people on the beach itself, but there were walkers and a few lonely surfers.

There were lots of pelicans catching lots of fish in the ocean.

I love walking on the beach in the morning, but there was not much time for that today. My husband had to get a lot of work done today, since he goes to school full-time during the week. It was a beautiful morning on the beach though, but I still long for those warm July mornings where floating in the ocean is like floating in the pool.

Where do you get your holiday photos taken?

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