Nov 162010
The Frugal Tuesday Spotlight will begin next week here at Frugality Is Free, and I am currently working on the guestblogger line up.  Every Tuesday a new frugal blogger will share a frugal post with all of you.
As a guest blogger at the Frugal Tuesday Spotlight, you will get to choose your own frugal topic (DIY posts, shopping tips, couponing etc.).
There are three parts to a Frugal Tuesday Spotlight post:
  1. Your Frugal Post
  2. A Description of your blog in your own words (Will link back to you)
  3. A feature on you (Answer a few questions about you and your blog)
There is no blog too small, too big, too new or too old for the Frugal Tuesday Spotlight series. All I ask, is that you you have a frugal topic to share, and that you are passionate about frugal living.

Those of you, who have already expressed interest in participating, will receive an email from me within the next couple of days with a potential date.

If you are interested in participating in the Frugal Tuesday Spotlight guest blogger series at Frugality Is Free you can contact me here.

Please include: blog link, email and potential topic(s)

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