Nov 152010

ALDI has finally come to South Florida, and I am eager to go ALDI shopping. Unfortunately I was not able to go to the opening of the first South Florida ALDI stores in South Florida, but that does not mean that I have not tried ALDI’s products.

The other day my boys and I returned from an afternoon in the park, when we discovered a big box at the door. We were not expecting anything, and we curiously opened the box. Inside we found some fantastic groceries from ALDI.

Last night we cooked with ALDI’s products, and it turned into a delicious Italian meal.

We were running very low on meat, so I grilled the little chicken we had left and sauteed all our leftover veggies.

All three of my boys loved the croutons! I personally liked the Raspberrry Vinaigrette a lot, and the pasta sauce tastes just as great as my favorite name brand. We made a pasta salad out of the leftover salad and whole wheat penne, which was perfect for our lunch today.

For dessert we shared the Chocolate Crisp Bars, but let me tell you there just are not enough bars in this package for a family of five. They were absolutely scrumptious, and these melting-in-your mouth European milk chocolate bars were a hit with everyone in my family. I think these will make a fantastic addition to the teacher holiday gifts that I am currently putting together. I will have to warn you those, these Chocolate Crisp Bars from ALDI are highly addictive.

Thank you ALDI for sending us a taste of your fabulous groceries, we cannot wait to visit your new stores in South Florida. 

I want to remind everyone that the first ALDI giveaway ends tonight at 10 PM EST.

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