Nov 132010

It is time for two more giveaway winner announcements. I love announcing winners, because I know how excited the winners get. You can always find the latest giveaway winners here at Frugality Is Free under the Giveaway Winners tab in the top navigation bar.  You can also find out what previous winners here at Frugality Is Free says about their prizes at the Winners Wall.

Before I announce the winners I want to highlight a few of the giveaways with low entries.

# Win The Family Music Starter Kit – 4 CDs Jeremy Plays Guitar, Wake Up Clarinet, Swimming in Noodles and The Best Candy in the Whole World 12/6   0 Entries!!! This giveaway has been up for a few days, and it would make a great holiday gift. 4 newly released family cds from some very reknowned artists.
 # Win the Wild Rose Intensive Eye Cream from Weleda 12/1 49 Entries!!! This is a very expensive eye cream from a fabulous green company.

# Win 3 Great Bath Time Safety Products from Aquatopia 11/17 83 Entries! This is a $60 giveaway with some great bathroom products for you and your little ones.
# 2 Winners! Win a $25 Del Monte Gift Certificate 11/25  44 Entries!!! 2 fabulous gift certificates that can be used for your groceries…
And now to the winners!!!

Commenter Number 75 is:

Number 72 is:
Congratulations manthas24 and Hbomb!!!
Now, I want to add a little note to this giveaway winner announcement. Manthas24 has actually won quite a few giveaways here at Frugality Is Free over the past couple of months, and there is a reason for this. Not only does she do A LOT of the bonus entries, but she enters a lot of the giveaways (maybe even all of them). I check out all giveaway winners entries…mandatory and bonus entries. Not once have I encountered an entry that was not valid from Manthas24! So I think she has found the key to blog giveaway success! I know I have learned a thing or two, and when I find a giveaway I want to win I follow her example.

Congratulations again to the giveaway winners! 
 I will be emailing both of you, and you both have 24 hours to respond to the winning email, or another winner will be drawn.

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