Nov 072010

Welcome to the Sunday Social Network Exchange, the place to connect with other bloggers and expand your Twitter, Facebook, Networked Blogs and Blog Frog Network. The Sunday Social Network Exchange has replaced the The Twitter Exchange here at Frugality Is Free.

In an effort to make the best use of time and blog space, Frugality Is Free will now host linkies for all of the above mentioned social networks every Sunday. If you have any suggestions as to whether or not more networks should be included, just leave me a message below.


The Featured Blogger @ The Sunday Social Network Exchange is

Preemies & Me is written by Preemie Mama, a wife and mother to her twin girls Mimi and Sasa. Preemie Mami is from Palm Beach, but she gave birth to her premies at 28 weeks in New York in July, and she has still not been able to bring them back home to Florida. To read more about Preemie Mama’s and her preemies’ struggle and journey in life stop by Premie Maia and you will instantly feel a connection to Preemie Mami and her baby girls.

I hope that everyone here will help pray that Preemie Mami and her husband will be able to bring their baby girls home safe. I am sure that they can use all of the positive strength and thoughts you can send their way too. Preemie Mami just received some great news, because her babies will be going home with her very very soon!

Have a fantastic trip back home to Florida Preemie Mama and family! Make sure to bring some of the winter clothes though, because it’s chilly down here now.

Congratulations to Preemies and Me, you will get the 2nd place in the linkys and

you have won a free ad space for a week at Frugality Is Free.


Join me at the Sunday Social Network Exchange

1) Link up your twitter, facebook and/or Networked Blogs account

2) Follow Frugality Is Free on the Social Network(s) where you link up.

3) Follow the Featured Blog Will this be you?

4) Follow as many Bloggers as you wish on the social networks that you link up at.

5) Please follow back

For a chance to be next weeks featured blogger
(Make sure to let me know in the comment field, if you do any of the below.)

 1) Make a blog post about The Sunday Social Network Exchange
 2) Add the Sunday Social Network Exchange button to a blog post
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4) Tweet about the Sunday Social Network Exchange (Leave tweet link in comment)
Example Tweet: Come Join Me at the Sunday Social Network Exchange, the place to link up and expand all of your social networks.

Tomorrow you can expand your google friend connect network at the Follow Us Monday Morning blog hop right here at Frugality Is Free. The linky opens at 10 p.m. EST.

If you are looking for more places to link up, you have come to the right place. In my top navigation bar you will find a wealth of places to link up. Check out the Blog Hop Linky Collection, the Art, Craft, Tablescape and Food Linky Collection and the Savings Linky Collection for places to link up and expand your blogging network.

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