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When you are a family with young kids in the house the issue of finding the right coffee table can mean a big difference in your family life, which  is why I have made this guide with tips for choosing practical family friendly coffee tables. Having the right coffee table can mean a big difference in a family’s life, because it can mean a worry free home for any parent. On the other hand, having the wrong coffee table can mean a dangerous living space for you child, and it can mean lots of unnecessary stress for any parent.

When I was growing up we had this horrible rectangle coffee table with lots of sharp edges, and both of my brothers and I have experienced the sharp corners up close. I especially remember how often my youngest brother got himself hurt on the coffee table. After I moved to Europe for a few years to be close to my family, this very same coffee table found its way into my own home. The first thing I did was cover it up with a heavy table cloth, but it did not prevent all accidents.

Windsome Concord Coffee Table

After this experience I swore that I would never have a coffee table with sharp corners in my home again, and fortunately our current oval coffee table has not provided any cause for accidents. We just got rid of a small circle coffee table though, because it was too unstable to have around the kids. They would climb on it, or lean on it, and it would tip over on them. When my dad was visiting this oval table actually tipped over with a cup of coffee on it, proving that it could be dangerous even for adults.

CSN Stores is one of my favorite places to shop, and they have a fabulous collection of coffee tables in their more than 200 online stores. I wanted to share some of my favorite sturdy coffee tables fit for families with young children or grandparents with lots of young grandchildren.

I love the little drawer that this Windsome Concord coffee table above has. It is sturdy, and there is room for storage underneath. Of course I can just see my boys climb through there, but still, it is beautiful and practical.

Tips For Choosing Practical Family Friendly Coffee Tables
1. Choose a coffee table with no sharp edges (oval or round).
2. Choose a coffee table that is sturdy and heavy enough so that it cannot tip over.
4. Choose a coffee table that can withstand climbs, as young kids find tables very attractive.
5. Choose a coffee table in a dark color, as light colors easily show wear and signs of kids’ use.
6. Choose a coffee table with a sturdy and kid friendly surface (no glass or metal). 
7. Finally choose a coffee table that you love, and one that can grow with your family.

Avenue Six Oval Coffee Table

This Avenue Six 36″ oval coffee table is definitely my absolutely favorite. It would fit perfectly into our living room, and I love the dark colors. Our current oval coffee table is a light beech, and it shows lots of signs of having three boys in the house.

Hammery Glamour Round Cocktail Table


Another one of my favorites is this Hammory Glamour Round Cocktail table. It is practical, has a great finish, two drawers and lots of storage space.
What kind of coffee table do you have? Does it work for your family?
Do you have any tips for choosing practical coffee tables for new parents and grandparents.
Be on the lookout for an upcoming CSN Stores review here at Frugality Is Free. Perhaps a new coffee table….

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