Nov 202010
Toy Story 3 Action Links
Toy Story 3 Action LinksThis morning my four-year-old son had his first play date, and we made it a big one. Thanks to Mom Select and Mattel we were able to surprise our play dates with some fabulous fun and make it a Toy Story Action Links Play Date Party. We invited several of my son’s friends from school, and they brought their moms and siblings to the play date.

Toy Story 3 Action Links
Since it was late notice, we decided to invite his friends to “our” playground before they had to go to their afternoon school. The playground is close by the kids’ school, which meant the busy moms did not have to go out of their way, and we could easily go to class after our play date.
My boys and I spend time on this playground almost every day, because my middle son has afternoon classes, and we actually play there more than in our own back yard. The playground  is at a college campus, which means there are rarely any kids there. It is all fenced in, which made it much easier for the parents at the play ground, and we could all relax and have a great time.
We brought some snacks, juice, balloons and more, and then the big surprise was the big box filled with Toy Story 3 Action Links kits, which was a surprise even to my son. I had made special goodie bags for all the kids that included Toy Story 3 Action Links figures, other cool new toys, books and some other great stuff, this way all the kids got to take home some fabulous goodies.
Toy Story 3 Action Links
Toy Story 3 Action Links Buzz Saves the Train
Toy Story 3 Action Links
When all the moms and kids arrived we opened up the box, and it was funny to see how each child soon found a favorite. The moms then sat down with the kids and we helped each other out with setting up the Toy Story 3 Action Links.
It was a little overwhelming at this point with all the kids, toys everywhere and younger siblings to control, but each mom ended up sitting down with a kid or two, and soon we could proudly show off our Toy Story 3 Action Links creations. I tried my best to take photos of everything, and I loved how excited the moms were about the Toy Story 3 Action Links.

After the moms moved away from the Toy Story 3 play area, the kids really got to unfold, and it was great to see how these four and five year olds interacted together, worked together and played together. It was amazing to see how little disagreement there were, and the children were extremely good at sharing and helping each other.
 The Toy Story 3 Action Links all have a cause and effect, and they can be connected to create a domino effect. One of the favorites among boys was the Buzz Saves The Train stunt sent, where the train falls in to the canyon and Buzz Lightyear flies to save it.
The favorite Toy Story 3 Action Links among the girls/women seemed to be the Toy Story 3 Action Links Junk Yard Escape stunt set, where a garbage truck opens, a billboard falls, Woody rides a conveyor belt and Buzz falls from a crane. The domino effect on this one is absolutely fantastic, and it really shows how brilliant the Toy Story 3 Action Links are put together.
Toy Story 3 Action Links Junkyard Escape
To begin with we had separated the Toy Story 3 Action Links to make sure we each had the parts we needed for the set up. However, all of a sudden the kids started moving things around, and soon they had lined the Action Links up to make a domino effect sort of track.
The kids loved the Toy Story 3 Action Links, and so did the moms (myself included). We almost missed classes (which were fortunately close by), because we got so caught up in playing.
We had a fabulous Toy Story 3 Action Links Play Date Party, and everyone walked away happy and closer connected. Even kids who did not play well together before, now held hands and planned new play dates.
Thank you to Mattel and Mom Select for giving us this fantastic opportunity to share all of the Toy Story 3 fun with our friends.
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Disclaimer: I received complimentary Toy Story 3 Action Link Stunt Sets from Mattel and Mom Select for the purpose of having a Toy Story 3 Action Link party. I did not receive any monetary compensation, and the opinions expressed above are based only on my experience with the products.

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