Dec 222010

Last night I was able to make a late night trip to CVS Pharmacy. I had some CVS bucks that were expiring, so I wanted to make sure that I got to use and exchange some of them. I have been saving these from Black Friday, where I was able to harvest lots of CVS bucks thanks to Cheryl from Simply CVS.

I had decided that I wanted to use my CVS bucks for some great stocking stoffers, and since my kids LOVES chocolate, I knew I had to get some great tasting chocolate.

We were also out of Coke Zero, and while Publix next door had a sale to buy 3 for 12 and get 1 for free or 4 for $12. CVS has a sale this week where you buy 4 for $13 and get $3 back. Since I had all of the extra CVS bucks, I decided to take advantage of the deal at CVS Pharmacy.

My CVS Deals:

4 x 12 pk  Coke Zero for $13
3 bags of candy @ $2.50 each = $7.50 – (Buy 2 get 1 Free MF coupon) = $5 ($1.67 each)
3 candy packs @ Buy 2 get 1 Free = 2 x $1.59 = $3.18 ($1.06 each)

I used $19.74 in CVS bucks

Sub total $1.44
Tax $1.43

Total $2.87 

I saved $38.86
I got $5 back in CVS bucks

I’m linking up my CVS savings at Simply CVS

Okay, I’ll admit it, it was not a practical shopping trip, and yes I could probably have done better on the CVS deals and the CVS bucks exchange. However, I did not see any other bucks back deals that I found useful for my family, and I know they would be sad, if there were no candy in their stockings. Considering the fact that I would otherwise have spent $12 out of pocket at Publix just for the soda, I think I made out pretty well. I am a bit upset with myself, that I did not print out the 20 percent off at CVS coupon….

Simply CVSThank you to Cheryl from Simply CVS for all the great tips on finding the best deals at CVS Pharmacy.

Every Thursday Chery hosts the Spotlight on CVS series right here at Frugality Is Free, where she shares great CVS shopping tips with all of us,

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