Dec 252010

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas Day, and that you are able to spend your Christmas with the friends and family you love.

In my family we celebrate Christmas in two different ways, because of our family heritages. The 24th is our big Christmas celebration, as we celebrate Christmas Eve. However, after many years in the U.S., even our Danish holiday celebrations have

We started out the morning with opening stockings (an American influence). Then we headed off for Ikea, as our big boys were getting a new bunk bed for Christmas. If we had been in Denmark, this would not have been possible, and we would have had to hide a very large box until Christmas, but having Ikea open worked out perfectly.

When we got home, the boys and I had lunch, and then I went off to the playground, while my husband and his cousin took down the boys’ old beds and put up the bunk bed. We spent about two hours out, and when we got back the bunk bed was all set up in their room.

I started cooking Christmas dinner, while the boys impatiently had to wait to open the presents under the tree.

Danish Christmas Cooking: Candied Potatoes

How to make candied potatoes: Melt a little butter in a pan, add some sugar (all depending on the amount of potatoes), melt the sugar/butter and stir once in a while. When the sugar mixture is brown add the potoatoes. The best potatoes to use are small new potatoes either fresh or from a can.

Christmas dinner was a Danish Christmas dinner with a bit of our personal touch. A traditional Danish Christmas dinner usually consist off duck or a big pork roast as the main meal, but my husband did not want any of these, I am a vegetarian, my middle son does not eat much meat, and my oldest son loves steak….so a beef roast it was.

A semi Danish Christmas Meal: Hasselbach potatoes, candied potatoes, orange salad, beef roast and garlic bread.

We had traditional Danish side dishes such as hasselbach potatoes and candied potatoes. We also had a salad, corn and garlic bread.

The boys helped me set the Christmas table, it was a very simple table with Danish Christmas Hearts, Danish Paper Stars, their favorite decoration – the snow globe, and the beautiful Cuisinart tableware that I won from I Need Mom in the spring.

We saved the dessert for Christmas Day, as I have learned from experience that there is no room for dessert after Christmas dinner. This year I took my own advice, and we had a very laid back Christmas Eve. I did not fuzz over the details, the boys decorated the Christmas tree, and I did not go overboard with the Christmas cooking and baking. My Christmas has been a lot less stressful, and the boys have had more fun, since their mom has not been stressed out.

Merry Christmas!


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