Dec 202010

The Christmas spirit has finally arrived at our house, as we got our Christmas tree today. The boys could not wait to start decorating, and they have been blasting Christmas music all day. Our Christmas tree is decorated with traditional Danish Christmas decorations, as we have homemade Christmas hearts, braided Danish Christmas hearts, homemade folded Christmas stars and many more frugal decorations.

My oldest son made the homemade (flettede julehjerter) braided Christmas hearts a few years ago, and every year we add a couple of them to our Christmas tree. The Christmas hearts are extremely easy to make, and you can use any kind of paper.

Braided Danish Christmas hearts template

To make the Danish Christmas hearts decorations, you first fold a piece of paper in two.

Then you trace the above template onto the paper, so that the folded part is at the bottom of the paper.

You cut up through the lines, and you can see the finished result in the image to your right. 

You need two of the half-heart shapes above, and then you can start braiding the two pieces together. (see below)

Braiding Danish Christmas hearts

After you have braided the hearts together, you add a paper string, and you have a perfect frugal Christmas decoration for you Christmas tree. You can make the Christmas hearts with any paper, you can vary the sizes of the paper cuts, mix up the colors and make them match your color scheme. My oldest son made the Danish Christmas Heart below, when he was six years old, so it is also a great way to keep your children busy this holiday break.

Braided Danish Christmas Heart Decoration

You can find more Frugal Living posts right here at Frugality Is Free, and you can also see my frugal Danish Christmas stars.

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