Dec 202010

Now that the Christmas tree is finally up and decorated in the truest frugal Christmas style, I thought I would share one of my favorite frugal Christmas decorations, the weaved paper Christmas stars. It is one of my traditional Danish Christmas decorations, and it is a favorite in my family.

The weaved Danish Christmas stars can be made out of paper strips or ribbon, and they are a perfect addition to any Christmas tree or gift. One year my oldest son actually made these to go with his Christmas gifts for his teachers.

It can be very difficult to explain how to make these, so I found you a great tutorial that I wanted to share instead of attempting to make one myself.

How to make paper Christmas Stars

We usually make the Christmas stars in shiny paper, which is a bit stiff and easy to handle, but you can make them out of almost all paper and ribbon. Our Danish Christmas decorations help us keep our family traditions alive, and even though we have not spend Christmas in Denmark for many years, we still have a very merry Danish Christmas every year.

You can find more Frugal Living right here at Frugality Is Free, and you can also find my tutorial on how to make Danish Christmas Hearts.

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