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I usually make sure that I have at least a $25 Target gift card for after Christmas holiday shopping, as this is the only time of year that I can afford to buy Christmas decorations. When we moved to Florida four years ago, I was only able to bring a tiny box (the size of a shoe box) of Christmas decorations. The first year we got buy with the help of two freecyclers, who gave us some of the Christmas stuff that they wanted to get rid of. Since then I have spent a little every year at the after Christmas sale, and I have gotten hundreds of dollars worth of decoration for 75 to 90 percent off.

You can see what I got last year at my After Christmas Sale at Target post.

One of the things that I had on my wish list was a wreath holder, and things to create a wreath. I have always wanted one, but I would never be able to afford one at full price.

I managed to get exactly what I needed:

Ornament set reg. $5 at %75 off for $1.25
Wreath reg. $4.99 at %75 off for $1.24
Wreath holder reg. $6.99 at %75 off for $1.74

Total price $4.23

The regular price would have been  $16.98, so I saved $12.75

Last weekend I decided to make my first attempt at creating a holiday wreath, and I am very excited with the result.

I bought the ribbon for 25 cents three years ago.

It might not be perfect, but I sure am proud of my first attempt to make a holiday wreath. My sons love it, and it makes a huge difference to come home to a welcoming wreath.

I still have enough ornaments and ribbon for a second wreath, so I am hoping to be able to find another wreath and wreath holder at this years after Christmas sale.

Do you make a list of the things before you head out to after Christmas sales, or do you find great deals as you go along?

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