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The new OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is launching on January 1, 2011! As a member of TwitterMoms, I am excited to participate in TwitterMoms’ and the Oprah Winfrey Network new year blogging promotion.
The new year is approaching with rapid steps, and with the new year come changes, new aspirations and new plans. Every year I sit down and put down goals for myself and my family, because this is a great way to keep on track, and by the end of the year I can evaluate them based on the results.
This year many of my plans were realized according to my list from last year, and next year’s plans are divided into family life, writing and blogging. 
For my family, I hope that we will be able to spend more quality time together as a family. In 2010 my husband studied full time and worked full time, and my blog schedule has been crazy, still we managed to squeeze in a camping trip and a family vacation with our visiting family from overseas. We are already working on our first camping trip to the Florida Keys for the spring of 2011, and I am hoping that it will be one of several camping trips in 2011. Camping is a great way for my family to spend quality time together, without being interrupted by the phone, work or the computer. 
Another goal for 2011, is that my sons will start back up with after school sports and activities. This year has been crazy, because my four-year-old son started Pre K. The only decent pre k in our area, was a few miles away, and we could only get afternoon classes. This means that I have been walking back and forth between my home and my two oldest sons’ schools. We were not done until after 4 p.m., and at that time it was time to start dinner.
In the fall of 2011 my four-year-old son will be starting kindergarten, which means I will have more time on my hands. Since both of my oldest sons will be at the same school next year, I am hoping that it will free up some time to finally be able to get them started on some after school sports.
For my writing, I hope to finish one novel that is already in the works, and start at least one more. I also hope to finally get the final editing done of my first three novels, so that I can start the process of contacting publishers. I really want to be able to at least consider starting the process of contacting publishers by the end of 2011, although I know it will take a lot of extra work. The truth is that I do not see myself having the available time to continue this until all three of my sons are in school. We do not have any family around us, and there are no one I can rely on for babysitting, so my work has to follow the kids’ schedules. 
When it comes to my writing, I cannot set a strict plan, because my inspiration comes and goes. As long as I am writing and editing, I will be on target for my 2011 goals.
For my blogging, I hope to continue to develop on what I have already started. 2010 was the year, where blogging became a serious thing for me, and now that I have jumped over the hurdle, I hope to be able to keep growing my network, and to continue to provide my readers with great savings tips and giveaways. Besides very specific goals when it comes to my blogging statistics, I also hope to start attracting my own advertisers, and I hope to continue the growth paths that my blogs been on in the second half of 2010.
I have learned a lot in 2010 about html code, seo key words and other blogging tools, and one of my goals for 2011 is to continue this learning process. While I would love to have a professional makeover of my blogs, I really want to be able to do as much as possible on my own. I like to be able to have the creative freedom that comes with knowing how to change my blogs to look exactly what I want them to look like. 
I have lots of goals and aspirations for 2010, but some of them are better kept in private. My main goal for 2010 is to find a balance for my family and my work/blogging life. I blog for my kids, but I also need to be there for my kids, because they will never be this age again, and I know only well how fast they grow. As my oldest son has entered his tween years, I feel that my presence in his life is even more important than ever.

About OWN: The New Oprah Winfrey Network New shows. New faces. New possibilities.
OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network is a multi-platform media company designed to entertain, inform and inspire people to live their best lives. OWN will debut on January 1, 2011, in approximately 80 million homes on what is currently the Discovery Health Channel. During the OWN launch weekend, viewers will have the chance to see a little of everything OWN has to offer. OWN programming includes original series and specials, all focused on entertaining, informing and inspiring people to live their best lives.

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