Jan 152011

PhotobucketI would like to introduce The Aldi Spot, a new blog that I have created after receiving a lot response on my Aldi shopping posts. Whether you are a long-time Aldi customer, a new or a potential Aldi shopper, I would like to invite you to come join me at The Aldi Spot.

At the Aldi Spot, you will find weekly price comparison lists to other grocery stores on the staples, you will find tips on how to get the most out of your Aldi shopping, and you will finds ways to stretch your grocery budget by adding Aldi to your grocery shopping.

I will also post simple recipes that will help you create cheap and nutritious meals with Aldi’s low cost products. In addition there will be product features, Aldi Shopper features, Aldi news and much more.

So come on over, join The Aldi Spot, and together we will help each other stretch our money further by including Aldi shopping in our weekly or bi-weekly grocery shopping.

Grocery Price Comparison List Between Aldi, Publix and Target


Product Size Publix Aldi Target
White Bread 20 oz $1.29 $1.29 *$0.99
Whole Wheat Bread 20 oz $1.69 $1.19 *$2.39
Hamburger buns 12 -13 oz $1.19 $0.79 $1.02
Hot dog buns 12 -13 oz $1.19 $0.79 $1.02
Bagels 6 ct $1.37
Pepperidge Farm Bagels 21 oz $1.90
Flour Store Brand 5 lb $2.29 $1.19 $1.71
Sugar Store Brand 5l lb $3.19 $1.99 *$2.50
Store Brand Peanut butter 18 oz $2.39 $1.29 $2.04
Peter Pan Peanut butter 16 oz $2.59 n/a
Skippy Peanut butter 16 oz *$1.99 n/a *$1.75
Grape Jelly 32 oz $1.99 $1.39 *1.69
Store Brand Corn Flakes 18 oz $2.09 $1.29

The The Aldi Spot price comparison list can now be found here at Frugality Is Free, just check out the tab in the top navigation bar.

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  1. Love this…so useful at other stores when I’m looking for bargains with coupons that quite possibly could beat aldi’s…but very rare

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