Jan 132011

Hammermill 10500-7 Copy Plus Multipurpose Paper, 8-1/2x11, White, 5000 Sheets(10 Reams)/ctnSteaming hot Amazon deal! Don’t miss this deal: get 10 Reams of Hammermill Paper for $6.07 with FREE Shipping. This deal is almost too good to be true, and if it is indeed a mistake, Amazon can go ahead and cancel your order. If this Hammermill deal is correct, it is definitely one of the best Amazon deals I have seen in a long time.

Regular price $69.99, on sale for $6.07 (91% Savings) Plus Free Shipping.

Get Yours Now: Hammermill 10500-7 Copy Plus Multipurpose Paper, 8-1/2×11, White, 5000 Sheets(10 Reams)/ctn

I made sure to place my order just in case though, because with all of these printable coupons and my very creative boys, we sure go through a lot of paper.

Of course I used my Swagbucks rewards to pay for it, so I paid nothing out of pocket.  

Update: Orders were canceled

Thank you Money Saving Maine-iac for sharing this deal!

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