Jan 252011
South Florida in January”

On Sunday the kids and I braved the South Florida “winter” weather and headed for the beach. We have not been in the water since October, and there was no way we were going in on Sunday either. However, a trip to the beach is always refreshing frugal family fun, and my boys love to play in the sand.

 We started out with a walk down by the water, as we were looking for beach rocks for the garden, and it sure got some exercise. Every time we found a rock, we would put it under the stroller, which was tough enough to push even without the extra weight.

There was music on the beach stage, so we found a spot in between the beach goers close by the stage, and the boys started digging. We were sitting in long pants and sweat shirts, but all around us we saw women in bikinis and men in swim shorts. We are definitely Floridians now, because we were kind of cold.

We also spent some time exploring the beach festival’s booths, and we headed for the playground, where we had our beach muffins – banana orange muffins – and then we headed inland again.

Just as we were about to head across the intracoastal waterway bridge, the bell started ringing and my boys freaked out a bit, because the bell is very loud. We had to step back on the other side of the gate, while people in the middle of the bridge rushed to get to our side before it opened up.

Our final destination was two playgrounds downtown, and the kids had a great time.

You can find many more frugal family fun adventures from my family’s life in South Florida at Florida Free & Frugal.

I am linking up to Outdoor Wednesday at A Southern Daydreamer

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