Jan 192011

Frugal Family fun can be easy to come by, and in most cases it is free. The other day the kids and I left home early to have a picnic by the lake at my four-year-old’s school. My two youngest boys absolutely loved this special picnic, and it really was special to sit and eat our lunch right next to the turtles. We packed up our new EasyLunchBoxes in the EasyLunchBoxes cooler bag, brought juice and water, and then we headed for school.

When we got to the park, we spread out our picnic blanket, and each boy got their designated EasyLunchBoxes color. My four-year-old son had chosen the red lid, and my youngest son chose the blue lid.

I had been a bit worried that we would be attacked by the birds, but luckily they did not discover us until after we finished our lunch.

Turtles By the Lake In South  Florida

It was a beautiful day at the lake, and my boys enjoyed their frugal family fun time before we headed off to drop my middle son off at school. Both boys loved the EasyLunchBoxes, and I thought they were extremely practical. After we ate our lunch we could easily pack the EasyLunchBoxes together so that they took up less space.

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