Jan 312011
Gingerbread House on clearance at Target for $0.99

My kids wanted to make a gingerbread cookies this holiday, but from my past experience I knew they don’t like gingerbread cookies, so I had no desire to stand in the kitchen all day just for the sake of disappointment.  When I saw the gingerbread house at the clearance sale at Target, I knew it would make for some frugal family fun, and that my boys would love it, so I grabbed it at the price of $0.99 at the 90 percent off Target clearance sale.

There was only one problem, I had no desire to start Christmas all over, even with my kids still playing Christmas music on their keyboard once in a while. Instead I decided to tell the kids that we were going to make a candy house, and my oldest boys started telling me the tale of Hans og Grete (Hansel and Gretel). I substituted some of the Christmas candy in the box, with Haribo Gummi Bears from Aldi, and then I let the kids loose.

The boys had a blast, and the result was quite an adventures candy house, while they were telling stories of the wicked witch.

The Candy House

The candy house did not stand long, as it was quickly torn down and divided out. The candy was great, but the gingerbread house tasted more like cardboard. It made for some great frugal family fun though, and now my boys have tried to decorate their own candy house.

Did you ever decorate a gingerbread house? Did you make it from scratch?

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